Life at IMG (International Marketing Group) travels to Macau 2015

Life at IMG is not only about working hard for our dreams, it's making our dreams come true. And travelling around the world is one of the ultimate dream of every person and it is made possible here.

Around 2,000 people who want to make a difference in their lives traveled to Macau to attend the ultimate meeting of the new industry leaders. 

We travel not only for fun but for an ultimate learning experience.
Transferring to another aircraft due to technical issue
Our flight was a day before the convention, we flew from Cebu going to Hong Kong which would have been a 2-hour and 35-minute flight but due to some technical issues and air traffic it took us about 4 hours to land in Hong Kong. 

A lot of unforeseen events would likely to happen in every trip so it's better to expect the unexpected. 
Boarding Turbo Jet going to Macau
From Hong Kong International Airport to Macau, we have to options:

A. Ride a fast craft directly from the airport - 254 HKD (Cotai Water Jet)
B. Ride a bus to Macau Ferry then ride a fast craft - 21 HKD (Bus E11) + 177 HKD (Turbo Jet)

We chose option B to save money, but Bus E11 had too many bus stops. If you are in a hurry, better take Bus A11 (40HKD) or N11(31HKD). 

Free Shuttle Bus in Macau
One thing I love about Macau aside from being the Las Vegas of Asia with all the lavish hotels and lights, is the free shuttle bus. We can go anywhere since most of the tourist destinations are near the casinos and hotels.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Macau whether in broad daylight or at night, it won't even cost a penny but it requires a comfortable walking shoes to explore these must-see places.

The Venetian Hotel

This is top on everybody's list, good thing it was just across Sheraton Hotel where we were staying. We had a chance to have a glimpse of Venice with it's elegant facades,beautiful ceiling and moving skies.
The Venetian at night light
A Filipino gondolier serenading inside The Venetian
IMG invades The Venetian

Galaxy Macau Hotel

After the Venetian, we rode a bus going to the Galaxy Hotel, it's one of the largest and brightest hotel in Macau. It is also known for it's light shows, we went there to see the splendid Diamond Light Show.

Waiting for the Diamond Light Show
Miniature replica of the huge Galaxy Hotel
The Unplanned Night Tour

Because we got tired of walking around the gigantic hotels, we took a bus going to Sands (where Sheraton Hotel was) but little did I know there were two (2) Sands Hotel. 

So we end up going to the other side of Macau - well, at least we had a glimpse of the city lights for free.
Macau Tower at night
Garden of Paradise at Sands Cotai 

Within Cotai Central lies a beautiful paradise with blooming flowers, kids and kid's at heart, like us, really find the place quite fun and relaxing. 

But we weren't lucky to see the Dreamworks characters like Kung Fu Panda and Shrek, better luck next time.
Blooming flowers everywhere
Madagascar on Stage featuring Eula
Beware of the Ogre, JL!
Senado Square and St. Paul Ruins

Before heading back to Hong Kong, we visited one of the famous landmark in Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul. From Macau Ferry, we rode a bus to Imperial Hotel and walked towards Senado Square.
Groupie at Senado Square
Macau is also known for it's delicious pastries, we found a lot of pastry shops around St. Paul Ruins. If you are hungry, it's the best place to be because there are a lot of free food samples - aside from pastries, there's "tapa" or meat jerky everywhere, rice nalang ang kulang, busog ka na talaga!

Free Taste of Tapa
The Famous Bakery in Macau
The delicious Portuguese Egg Tart for 9 HKD
It wasn't a weekend but the place was still crowded with tourist.  
The large crowd at St. Paul Ruins
Going back to Macau ferry, we were able to passby other casinos and hotels. Though there's still a free bus ride, some requires you to get a ticket inside the casino. 
Grand Lisboa, the big trophy-like hotel
Actually this isn't my first time in Macau but what amazed me is there's always something new and something to look forward to in every visit. I am excited to come back again and it's going to be a glimpse of Paris this time. 
Eiffel Tower under construction 
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