Is IMG an Insurance or Investment Company?

IMG is not an insurance or investment company. It is a financial organization that has established partnership with many financial services companies including insurance and investment companies.

IMG Finance Product Providers - from Healthcare, Insurance and Investments
IMG Finance Product Providers - from Healthcare, Insurance and Investments
While many have misunderstood IMG as selling insurances and investment products, IMG only educates people the importance of understanding financial concepts and products. When a person decides to apply what he has learned through IMG's trainings and lectures, IMG recommends financial products to where one can invest in through it affiliated product partners. Technically, IMG educates and only recommends just like a doctor who diagnoses and recommends medicines not necessarily selling medicines.

Traditionally, when a person wants to invest or avail in a financial product, he goes to different agents to different companies of different financial products. It is a very tedious task and that's why a lot of people dont want to understand or learn financial matters.

IMG has solved this dilemma by becoming a one-stop shop of financial services and products. Personally, IMG became my wake-up call that I should take charge of my finances.

While we have heard a lot of horror stories of agents that got fired or ran away from their companies leaving clients clueless of what to do, IMG recruits people to become their own financial experts. Being a part of IMG, you remove the middle man (agent) and you take charge of your financial future.

However, IMG does not compete with traditional agents. In fact, IMG's career also helps agents to earn more by being able to offer diverse products that their company can not offer (as most agents are limited only to one or two products). If you are a life insurance agent, you can only offer life insurance. If you are an investment solicitor, you can only offer investment products. The biggest competitor of agents now are the banks, as the banks are also starting to offer their clients insurances and investments.

That's the reason IMG has been successful recruiting people from the old industry to the new industry. With our powerful system: no quota, no territorial restrictions, does not require you to be full-time and the best benefit, vesting rights. With this package and the big distribution of IMG (having associates all over the world), there will come a time that all financial services companies and institutions will partner with IMG. This is what it means by building a new financial industry, the biggest distribution in the financial services and does not even own a single financial product.

"IMG will surely be able not only dominate the industry but take over the financial industry." - Mr. Noel Arandilla, IMG co-founder.

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