Is IMG a Networking Company?

Is International Marketing Group (IMG) a Networking Company?

Network Marketing is a type of business model where one can be part of a distribution organization paying a minimal membership fee to receive a sample product kit and has the opportunity to sell a certain product line. The members can recruit other people who might want to do the business and can earn via recruiting people.

IMG is a Brokerage Business not Network Marketing
IMG is a Brokerage Business not Network Marketing
Based on the definition, IMG is not a network marketing company. From the book of Mr. Xuan Nguyen, "The Moment of Truth", he discussed how IMG differs from other companies.

 Four elements of a true business (from the Moment of Truth)

1. We don't make money recruiting people

When you recruit someone, you don't earn a single centavo. When a person joins, they pay a nominal fee for the membership. This money goes to the materials, books, audio tapes, access to lectures and trainings and serves as a license fee to do the business as a financial broker/adviser. The person who recruits on the contrary may even spend time, money and effort training the new person. When the new recruit is properly trained, when he makes money through sales, we may make money through overrides.

2. You don't have to recruit to make money

In IMG, even without recruiting, one transaction may lead to thousands in commission (e.g. Corporate accounts, family transactions, cooperatives, corporate insurances, etc.) Unlike other "multi-level" organizations that earnings per sale are so small, they focus on recruiting to make real money. Sometimes, due to volume requirements, they may even load their garages with boxes of products that they may not need in order to maintain position or earnings. In IMG, no sales or volume requirement, no demotion and especially no quota. The only reason we recruit is to build a big business.

International Marketing Group's Moment of Truth Booklet
International Marketing Group's Moment of Truth Booklet
3. You have no quotas

Once a person is part of IMG, an individual is trained to be an entrepreneur. How high your income depends on how hardworking you are. You do, you make. No effort, no gain. That's why a lot love the flexibility IMG can offer. Some join because of the lectures and trainings, some because of the environment, others of the advocacy and a lot because they want a life-changing career and business. No quota means no pressure on the person to sell, that's why we focus on educating people.

4. You decide how big you build your business

Since IMG is also a business, a person has the ability to become as big as he wants. He is an entrepreneur, no quota, no territorial restrictions (can build in any city and country), open system (regardless of background as long as willing to be trained) and can even surpass and make more money than the person who joins earlier than him.

In summary, IMG is a financial brokerage company having financial education as the advocacy. People are trained to be entrepreneurs, with total freedom (no quota) on how they run their businesses. No income is earned via recruitment but when one can help a person save the right way. And the only reason why we recruit, because we want to build a big business.

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