What is the Best Type of Investment?

What is the best type of Investment? A question most people would ask. Is direct stockmarket investing better than the mutual funds? Or is it VUL or UITF? How about gold or silver? Is investing in the forex better? Real estate investments also yield high returns? What is the best investment out there? IMG is one of the few companies offering families the best investment.

The Best Investment is Financial Education
The Best Investment is Financial Education
International Marketing Group (IMG) has been educating families globally about basic finance. Its crusade: to deliver the world's financial wake-up call, "Changing people from spenders to savers." This is a crusade, an advocacy. Not all people want to change, a lot cant easily adapt to change and because of that, people also dont want you to change. That's why it is a crusade, a battle of beliefs. IMG is not into convincing people but into conversion.

IMG's Mission: help every family achieve financial freedom. Financial planning and management is not a "fun" topic because a lot of people lack the knowledge and understanding, there is less support and planning. Financial concepts are never taught in school, most banks are offering people more credit cards and loans, most insurance agents focus on selling and hitting the quota and investment companies target the wealthy clients. If there are organizations teaching financial concepts and products, they teach technical terms and financial jargon that are confusing more people.

IMG believes in simplicity, we want to help families know the basics of finance. That's why IMG's concepts are repeatedly shared from the x-curve concept, the rule of 72, the DIME method, and the financial foundation concept. Until people understand these concepts by heart and apply them, IMG rarely discusses topics on trading in the stockmarket, real estate investing, gold and silver investments, ETF's, foreign exchanges and other higher and sophisticated types of investing.

IMG offers families the best type of investment in the Philippines and worldwide. The best investment is: Investing first in yourself, invest in knowledge specifically Financial Education or Literacy.  And IMG is one of the (if not the only) few companies offering financial education globally in a consistent effort and in a massive scale.

Becoming a part of IMG, it is expected that you will learn the following:

1. Increasing your cash flow
- make more money when you can, while you can. because there will come a time that you can no longer make money due to old age or sickness
- have multiple sources of income. And the key to have multiple sources is to understand how to build passive income on top of your active income

2. Cutting down expenses
- It's not how much you earn that counts. It's what you keep. Learn basics in budgeting and understanding the right income-expenses formula.

3. Reduce debt and liability
- interest on debt may reduce the hope for long-term asset accumulation. learn about debt management and strategies how to minimize and eliminate debt.

4. Understanding how money works
- most people work for the money but don't know how to make money work for them. Understand the power of compound interest.
- learn about retirement planning and how to compute how much money to save to reach the target retirement amount.

5. Having a financial goal and planning for the future
- People don't plan to fail, they just fail to make a plan. People plan days ahead for a birthday, weeks or months for a travel, a year for a wedding but when was the last time you sat down and plan for the future.

6. Embracing change and expecting to succeed
- be certain at the uncertain time. build a solid financial foundation that no matter what calamities in life, you are certain that you still in control of your financial situation.

In IMG, we help you take charge and control of your future. The best investment is not the stockmarket, mutual funds, VUL's, real estate, gold or silver, it is in one's financial knowledge. The difference between the rich and the poor is information. How financially educated are you?

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