3 Ways to be Emotionally Disciplined and Why it is Important to be One

Being a part of International Marketing Group, every day out in the field is a battle of beliefs: our belief in saving and investing versus people’s innate habit of spending. It is a crusade where people in IMG receive battle scars of rejection, distrust, and criticism. A lot don’t survive and quit doing the advocacy yet few stand still and survived. These people believe that IMG’s crusade and mission is what we Filipinos really need especially in terms of money management.

What made these people continue in the advocacy is emotional discipline. Here are 3 ways how to be emotionally disciplined and why it is important to be one:

A battlefield of beliefs: saving/investing mindset versus spending habits
A battlefield of beliefs: saving/investing mindset versus spending habits
1. Avoid negative people and be part of a positive environment

As the law of attraction states: “What you focus on expands,” these people will only attract the negative things in their lives. You don’t want to be around those kinds of people as their negative energy will sap your positivity. Every day, there will always be blessings. However, these people fail to see them and instead focus on what’s wrong with their days.

That’s why IMG has created a culture of positivity. Meetings are embedded with “Mozone” or otherwise called as momentum zone where people are introduced, appreciated, recognized and sometimes accompanied with a lot of dancing to bring out positive energy.

People who rarely attend the meetings, lectures and conventions are never refueled thus they lose their positivity and will eventually meet their demise out there in the battlefield. However, for those who stayed, they were able to help change a lot of people’s financial mindset and in so doing, have made IMG another source of substantial income.  

2. Don’t buy nor sell any excuses

In a world full of excuses, people are afraid to take charge of their actions. There are those who justify and those who blame.

People who justify their actions are people who let their situations control them.

- “I can’t save money because I give all my income to my parents.”
- “I don’t want to invest because it is risky and I’ve heard a lot of people who got scammed.”

Their reasons may sound logical, however to the emotionally disciplined person; they are more or less just another excuse for not doing things. Though it may sound a bit harsh, but the above examples can actually be solved if one really wants to do it.

- If a person really wants to save then instead of giving all the money to their parents, they need to force themselves to save some. Why? If years from now they end up broke because they weren’t able to save, their children will suffer the same consequences of not saving money because the cycle will continue and thus they will become burden to their family.
- If a person really wants to invest, then they invest first in learning. Anything in life involves risks, the only question is: are you willing to manage the risk? Just like driving a car, to the first-time driver, it will always be too risky and there will always be too many horror stories of car accidents. But if one is really willing to learn, then nothing can stop him, same with investing.

People who blame other people or situations are worse than those who justify because they cannot take responsibility and instead pass it to others. They blame the government, the traffic, the education system, the rich people and sometimes, even God. Everything is wrong and at fault but never themselves.

-“I am poor because my parents are poor.”
Bill Gates said: “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake!”

-“I am poor because the government is corrupt.”
Knowing Henry Sy, the owner of SM Corporation and the wealthiest person in the Philippines, then I don’t see any logic in that excuse.

Emotionally disciplined people always take charge of their actions. They take responsibility. “No excuses” is their motto.

3. Take a deep breath and move on

And lastly, an emotionally disciplined person fights for what he believes is right. Regardless of the criticism and rejections, he continues and moves on. As the saying:
“Follow and build your dreams or someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

In any endeavor in life, we need to be emotionally disciplined to become successful. And in IMG, the training, programs and its advocacy in the field can truly sharpen and test how emotionally disciplined you are. 

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