How to have a Business inside the Financial Industry

The financial industry is the biggest And wealthiest industry. This is where the money is. All other industries start and end in the financial industry. Thus, in terms of career opportunity, being inside the financial industry offers huge income potential. But how does one get inside or make a career inside this industry?

The financial industry is the biggest and wealthiest industry
The financial industry is the biggest and wealthiest industry
There are two major players in the financial industry: the banking sectors and the insurance/investment sectors. These major giants are the movers in the financial world. However, if one wants to have a career in any of these institutions here are the things to consider:

Banking Sectors

- the entry level in the banking institution is to become an employee. Being an employee of the bank is quite ironic because almost all starting or entry level employees earn minimal wages despite being inside the biggest industry.

- with enough hard work, one can become a bank manager. Still, you are an employee thus income is still limited. With the increased in quota, most bank managers are living a stressful job.

- another option is to own a bank. With enough capital, you can own a bank and experience the huge returns being inside the financial industry. Small banks are often bought by the giant banks and through merging may even experience higher returns as a bank owner. The challenge is that not all have the capital.
Insurance and Investment Sectors

- the entry level in the insurance or investment is to be an agent. The beauty of being an agent is that the more hardworking you are, the more income you have. On top of your salary, there are other commission bonuses when you out-perform your targets. The challenge is that there will come a time when your market starts to get depleted and may end up buying leads until such time an agent can no longer hit his quota and thus would transfer to another agency.

- when an agent is performing really good, the company might offer him/her a managerial position or to become a general agent. As general agent, one can recruit agents under him/her and leverage his/her quota to his agents. The challenge is that when one of his agents also become a top-performer, the company may recognize that agent and offer him also a general agent position becoming a competitor with the first general agent.

- same with the banking sector, another option would be to own an insurance company. Insurance companies truly earn very well, and being an owner one can experience the massive wealth it can bring. Again the challenge is that not all people have the monetary capital to build an  insurance/investment company.

be in the financial business
Have a business in the financial industry as a financial broker
So how does one experience a chunk of the financial industry's wealth? IMG has been the venue to be inside the financial industry. When one becomes affiliated with IMG, one starts as an associate. However, he is not an employee but a business owner. With minimal monetary capital, one can get licensed as a financial broker or adviser. Being a financial broker, one can experience the benefits of an agent where the more hardworking you are, the more income you have. The beauty is that you do not have a quota. Once a person becomes an effective trainer, one can then build his organization of financial brokers and can create his/her own brokerage firm. The beauty is that when his brokers under are  out-performing him, he does not get worried as they don't become a competition but rather a source of royalty income when their brokers also get promoted to managerial position.

Being in IMG, it provides equal opportunity to all. IMG truly is building a new financial industry where one can experience the wealth inside the biggest industry.

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