How to earn money in IMG?

International Marketing Group (IMG) is a financial brokerage company having financial education as its advocacy. On top of the lectures and financial trainings, IMG can also be a source of part-time or full-time income. 

Unlike other companies like network marketing, we don’t earn by recruiting people and unlike insurance companies, we don’t have quota thus there is no need for hard-selling. 

After signing up as an IMG member, to start earning, one must complete some requirements to be entitled to earn a commission. 

Once you become a qualified associate, one can earn money in any or all of these three ways:
Start Small - Earn Additional Income
Start Small - Earn Additional Income
Watch video below to learn the three ways you can earn income in IMG. Or read on..

IMG introduces the concept of DIY or “do-it-yourself” financial planning as it aims to encourage people to remove the middleman (agents or brokers). Thus, when one becomes a member of IMG, through the access of financial education classes, lectures, one-on-one coaching, investment updates, and conventions, it is expected that one will be equipped with the needed financial understanding and know-how.

Then through our partnered product providers, one can then apply the financial concepts thus being your own financial agent.

- When you want to buy healthcare for your family: you are your own agent.
- When you want to buy your own life insurance: you buy it using your membership code.
- When you want to invest in mutual funds: use your membership code.
- When you want to invest in real estate: use your IMG membership code.
- When you want to renew yearly your car and house insurance: instead of giving the agents commission from your premium, be your own agent and earn those commissions instead by using your IMG membership code.

Being a member of IMG, it is like having a rebate or discount on the financial products that you purchase.
Be your own money manager in IMG and by-pass the agents
Be your own money manager in IMG and by-pass the agents
2. Be a financial professional

While others are satisfied earning rebates from their purchases, one can also do IMG as a part-time career as a financial professional. It is like being a self-employed financial adviser synonymous to an insurance/investment agent BUT without the quota. There are two ways to earn as a financial professional:

2.1 Be a trainer – being a trainer in IMG means sharing what you have learned. By preaching our concepts to people, we help them understand basic financial and investment management. Once they understand the concepts, we may recommend our product partners and thus when a client buys from us, we earn commission.

2.2 Referral – If you have friends or families within the Philippines, you can refer them to a trainer near their location. Through our referral system, even you are far away from them, you can still earn. This also works for OFW’s and friends outside the country, by referring them to a trainer outside country (like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Canada and more), we can still earn.

3. Build your own brokerage firm
Have your own distribution business in the financial industry by building your own brokerage firm. How?

By creating a team of financial advisers who are willing to do the career, you can be promoted to Senior Marketing Director (SMD) or an agency manager. 

You can enjoy the benefits of overriding commissions, royalty commission, residual, and office management income. Once a person becomes an SMD in the company, with its income potential, a lot of people have transition themselves as part-time financial advisers to becoming fulltime business owners.

Once a business owner has built a large distribution organization, he can then be promoted to CEO of his own brokerage firm. IMG is one of the unique companies that have a lot of CEO’s under it. It is a business where one can have a business inside a larger business.

Examples of big organizations under IMG:
1. Wealth Academy of Mr. Noel Arandilla
2. Truly Rich Makers of Mr. & Mrs. Benj and Fely Santiago under Bro Bo Sanchez
3. Super Team Builders of Mr. & Mrs. Rey and Ginalyn Labrado of Cebu
4. ProsperPinoy of Mr. & Mrs. Jess and Joan Faller of Cebu
5. And more…

Estimated minimum income potential* in IMG:
1. Qualified Associates to Trainers: 4,000+ per month.
2. Trainers to Senior Marketing Directors: 20,000+ per month.
3. Senior Marketing Directors to World System Builders: 50,000+ per month.
4. CEO’s: 150,000+ per month!
*potential income will be discussed during fast start school for reference

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