Is there Life after BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a booming industry in the Philippines. It has become the 2nd pillar that contributes to the economic progress of the country next to OFW remittances. It is expected to exceed the revenue of OFW remittances in the coming years. This industry has given people opportunity to earn higher salaries, way above the minimum fare of ordinary workers.

 time difference is one of the challenges being inside the BPO industry
 time difference is one of the challenges being inside the BPO industry
However, as the saying "with great power comes greater responsibilities," more employees are being stressed out due to high demand in their workplaces. As stress level increases, the more employees are seeking ways to divert or engage in de-stressing activities such as food trips, travels, smoking, constant coffee, and other activities that entails unnecessary spending.

Thus, despite the economic growth of the Philippines brought about the BPO industry (esp. the Call Centers), these people can not feel its growth as they are not invested. Even with higher salaries, there is still a problem with saving and investing.

More employees in the BPO industry are getting stressed-out 

BPO employees are stressed out due to high demand
BPO employees are stressed out due to high demand

The Problem:

1. Spending Habits and Lifestyle
According to a recent study, the most salable commodities in convenient stores are cigarettes, coffee and condoms. It is noted that more than 50% of their income goes to these items and activities. This kind of lifestyle does not only cause unnecessary spending but also affects their health. The stress, the coffee, the smoking, the processed/instant foods and constant fast food, the drinking and more have also caused a lot of health issues at a young age.

2. The Career

A lot may love the pay, but most hate their jobs: the stress in work, the negativities (including but not limited to BS's and f*ck's) they receive, culture differences, and most especially the different timezone. For married couples, time is their biggest issue. Their kids at home while they work during the night; and their kids at school while they sleep in the morning. 

The Solution:

These situations do not mean being in the BPO industry is not a good thing. In fact, it has helped our economy. However, if there is a choice, one will surely choose a greener pasture.

So, is there life after BPO?

Yes, there is: Life at IMG. International Marketing Group (IMG) saw the need to financially educate these people and offer them a life-changing career as an entrepreneur. These people need better lifestyle, better control of their time while having the ability to earn the income they deserve. IMG has designed a program to help these people, while they are working inside the BPO industry, they build a career on the side to prepare them for life after BPO.

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