The Best Part-time and Full-time Business Career

How would you like to be in a business or career where you earn income by helping and guiding people how to save and invest?

IMG financial education in a massive scale for Filipinos worldwide
IMG financial education in a massive scale for Filipinos worldwide
International Marketing Group [IMG] Vision: To create the new industry where everyone is able to earn what the wealthy are earning bringing the secrets of the wealthy to all. IMG believes that everyone has the right to become wealthy if they have the right information. 

IMG business has been educating Filipinos globally for the past 17 years [as of this writing] about money management and financial education. According to our mentor, CEO Joen delas Penas, the best business out there is in the money business. Here's why:

- Being in the money business, it is always in demand. 
In good economy, people invest and in bad economy, people save and tend to be cautious and protective. In good times, people celebrate and in bad times, people still spend for comfort. 

- Being in the money business is unlike the food business. It does not expire or get spoiled.
You don't need to consume it or dispose of it a.s.a.p. There is no need of cold storages or other preservation methods.

- Being in the money business is unlike the fashion or clothing industry. Money does not go out of style.
Can you imagine yourself going back to the golden age where people pay with gold or silver? Money does not go out of style. Unlike the fashion industry, there is no need to go on sale just to dispose all unsold RTW's, designer clothing or bags. 

Being in the money business, IMG has been offering people the best part-time and full-time business career in the world: moving the old industry to the new industry.

IMG business model: The Vision of the new Industry

1. From employee or agent, we want people to become entrepreneurs/business owners. You own your time. You have no boss.

2. From career glass ceiling, you can be as big as you want. 
In the corporate world, you can never be promoted until your manager or supervisor is still alive. However in IMG, you can promote yourself. No one is stopping you. Unlike MLM's or networking businesses, in IMG you can make more money than the people who joined earlier than you. There is no upline or downline.

3. From limited territory and income to unlimited territory and income.
In IMG, due to technology, anyone can build their business all over the world. IMG is scattered globally, where Filipinos are, there IMG will be. Educating your friends and families abroad, you can just refer them to different trainers in different countries. Even how far they are, you can still be able to help them. And when they start to apply what they learn [they save and invest], you make money. 

4. From quotas to no quotas. From selling to educating.
IMG believes in the free enterprise system. Fear is never a good motivator, your self-worth and discipline is. Without quota, one can assess how hard-working he is. When one moves because he is self-motivated is way better than moving due to fear of not hitting the quota. And because of that, IMG focuses on education rather than selling because there is no deadline to hit.

5. From closed system to open system.
This is the best benefit as IMG believes everyone can become somebody regardless of background. IMG does not believe in resumes and application letters, IMG believes that if a person wants to succeed in life, he can, as long as he finds that right vehicle and opportunity. With IMG system we have been able to help all walks of life from professionals: doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses to Managers and Executives, to Business owners and even people with humble backgrounds like high school graduates, house-wives and even domestic helpers. Most started part-time and later did IMG as full-time business career. 

So what's the best part-time and full-time business career out there? IMG.

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