Travel Tips for International Trips

When you become part of IMG, you must always have your passport ready. Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I joined aside from learning how to attain financial security. Here in IMG, we travel not only to see the world, but for the world to see us make a difference in other people’s lives.

Since most of our conventions and amazing trips are held outside the Philippines, here are some travel tips especially for first time travelers. Even if it’s not your first time to ride an airplane, domestic flights are different from international flight, it’s a longer process - so let’s begin.
Travel with us and experience Life at IMG
Travel with us and experience Life at IMG
Prepare your Philippine Passport
Prepare your Philippine Passport (photo:
Getting your travel documents ready before you leave can spare you from unnecessary hassle. I would suggest you place all important documents mentioned below in one place either in an envelope/folder or a travel organizer. Make sure to keep it inside your hand carry bag all the time.

1. Passport
2. Flight Itinerary
3. Valid ID’s
4. Hotel Bookings
5. Travel insurance
6. Convention E-Ticket
7. Pen

Arrive early at the airport
Arrive early at the airport (photo:
Be at the airport at least two (2) hours before your departure time. Though we usually have that “Filipino Time” but if you do not want to miss your flight or experience an amazing race at the airport like we did, you need to arrive early especially if you are not familiar with the airport.

Updated items banned on  a plane
Updated items banned on  a plane (photo:
Check the weight of your luggage, both the check-in and carry-on. Make sure you meet the weight limits and you are not carrying any “prohibited” items when you check-in. You can visit your airline’s website or view image above.


From the Philippines, you will need to follow the process below upon your arrival at the airport.
Fill up departure card
Fill up departure card
1. Fill up the Departure Card - Forms are located at the check-in counter.
2. Pay Travel Tax - In Cebu, it's P1,620.00 per person, keep the receipt.
3. Check-In - Present ticket and passport at the counter or I would recommend do a "Web Check-In" it's really convenient especially if you know you'll be running late.
4. Pay Terminal Fee - In Cebu, it's P750.00 per person.
5. Proceed to Immigration Booth – will be discussed in the next travel tip
6. Final Security Check

Face the immigration officer
Face the immigration officer (
The most "thrilling" part during an international trip is facing the Immigration Officer, a lot of first time travelers or even non-frequent travelers feel a bit anxious in this process. Usually IMG would provide a list of the attendees so you just have to stay calm during the interview and prepare the necessary documents below.

1. Completely-Filled Departure Card
2. Passport/Visa
3. Identification Card
4. Boarding Pass/Round Trip Ticket

Questions would vary depending if it's your first time to travel or purpose of the trip but more likely it depends on the mood of the Immigration Officer. Common questions based from my experience are the following:
Common questions asked by immigration officer
Common questions asked by immigration officer
1. What is the purpose of your trip? Prepare convention poster, trip itinerary, letter of invitation from your family/friend
2. How long are you staying? Show round trip ticket
3. Where will you be staying? Show hotel booking or letter of invitation from your family/friend
4. What is your occupation? Show Company ID (Other documents - ITR, COE)
5. Who are you travelling with? Tell the truth.

*Additional Tip: Answers should be clear, concise and consistent as much as possible. Less talk, less mistake. Prepare all needed supporting documents mentioned above.

Fill up the arrival card
Fill up the arrival card
During the flight, the attendants would be handing out "Arrival Cards" for you to fill up. You need to present that to the Immigration booth of the country you are going.

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