Why You Should or Shouldn’t Join IMG?

International Marketing Group (IMG) is a financial brokerage company being in the business of promoting financial literacy to Filipinos globally. IMG and its associates have continued to expand globally (but not limited) to Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East, Europe, U.S., Canada and still expanding around the globe. IMG has been promoting financial education in a massive scale. While IMG has been successful in expanding and getting people to join the organization, a lot still are skeptical and refuse to understand the benefits it has to offer. Here are some points to ponder whether you should or shouldn’t join IMG.

Be in business in the financial industry
Be in business

I. IMG is like a school that provides the environment or culture of saving and investing.

International Marketing Group has been offering people financial literacy programs from basic finance, to financial product trainings, advance trainings and entrepreneurial lectures including basic prospecting and marketing. Since financial literacy is not yet widely spread, the concepts discussed in trainings are usually basic financial concepts. For people who never were exposed to these kinds of training may find it helpful and valuable. However, it often discourages the financially savvy people who are already knowledgeable in finance and are looking for more complex financial concepts. The problem has always been execution that is why financial concepts are made to be as simple as possible so that Filipinos should start to apply what they learn.

financial education and entrepreneurship classes
Lifetime access to financial education and entrepreneurship classes
You shouldn’t join IMG:
1. If you are already financially knowledgeable enough (granting you have applied what you know and are already invested else you should join).
2. If you are looking for more advance trainings like technical analysis on stockmarket, stockmarket trading, forex, gold or silver, technical real estate investing, advance topics on estate planning and/or taxation. (IMG focuses on simple financial planning that everyone should start to apply. Though these topics are discussed from time to time, you cannot expect it to be discussed often)
3. If you think the internet can provide you all the financial information you need.

You should join IMG therefore:
1. If you believe that you should be the one to learn these concepts for yourself and you prefer classroom trainings.
2. If you are looking for the right environment that can guide you to properly save and invest. Environment matters! If all your friends and co-workers are big spenders then you will most likely be influenced by them. But by joining IMG you will be part of a culture of thrifty and wise savers and investors. If you can’t change your friends, change your environment.
3. If you want to be part of the advocacy and share the same belief that everyone deserves to be wealthy if only we have the right information. Just like joining Rotary Club or Lion’s Club, being in IMG you join an organization that it’s advocacy is changing people’s mindsets from spenders to savers, to investors and ultimately to entrepreneurs.
II. IMG offers a career as a financial adviser and a business to build your own financial brokerage firm

Since IMG is not a non-profit organization, on top of the financial literacy programs it has to offer, it also offers one to have a career and business as a financial broker. The reason why some people cannot save or invest is the lack of income. For those who have savings, investments or insurance policies, some may not be able to sustain them because there will always be unexpected things that may happen rendering a person to make his savings a less priority. But by offering people a chance to earn, IMG not only educates people about saving and investing, it also provides an income opportunity for people to earn and basically apply what he learns by saving and investing.

Being also your own broker, you can maximize the potential of earning if you apply it for personal or family use. Since IMG is not limited to one financial product, you can be your own financial expert to your family rather than having an agent to take care of your financial needs. You join, you learn and you take control of your family’s financial needs. If your child needs healthcare, you get a commission for her healthcare. If you continuously invest in mutual funds, you earn the commission of your investments. If you want to have your car insurance and fire insurance renewed every year, then you become your own agent and have a return on premium. Same thing with real estate, you get a condominium and you earn the commission. Being your own financial expert or broker, you remove the middleman.

Have a career and business as a financial adviser/broker
Have a career and business as a financial adviser/broker
You shouldn’t join IMG:
1. If you don’t want to earn extra income by sharing financial concepts to people. Some people are just allergic talking to people and they don’t want to be labeled as a “sales agent.” However this is to inform that IMG technically does not sell to people, we are more into educating and recommending.
2. If you are confident enough that you can sustain your saving, investments and your insurance policies enforced. If you have enough emergency funds that in case something happens to your present source of income (ex. termination/early retirement) then you can still sustain your savings and investment.
3.  If you are comfortable talking to an agent and you trust your agent with your financial needs as there are also a lot of good and professional financial agents.

You should join IMG therefore:
1. If you need extra income and you take pride of earning by helping people save rather than making people spend.
2. If you want to be your own financial expert and you want to take control of your finances rather than having a middleman.
3. If you want to earn from your own investments and use it for your personal and family consumption.

IMG has a lot to offer and it may cost a few bucks. But the value it can give you depends on your needs. At some point of every Filipino’s lives, there will always be someone who will invite you to hear a financial literacy talk. It could be your spouse, your officemates or your family. Give yourself a chance, listen and understand if the benefits IMG can offer will meet your financial needs.

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