10 Ways to Build your Confidence

Being an entrepreneur, it is mandatory that one must have confidence in what you do as the amount of results you get are directly proportional to the amount of belief in what you do. People are attracted to your clarity, in your belief, and in your stand that you are doing something right that can help other people. May you be salesman, an owner of a start-up company or in IMG’s case, a financial broker or advisor, it is important that through your confidence and belief, people will trust you and thus they will do business with you.

Here are 10 ways how to build confidence:
Self confidence is key to entrepreneurship
Self confidence is key to entrepreneurship
1. Sit in Front 
“Great leaders always sit in front, fight for the front, and are always ready.”
In any big or special event, the people seated in front are always the VIP’s, thus when you practice sitting in front, you develop the mindset that soon, you too will be a VIP.

2. Eye Contact 
“Making eye contact establishes trust, confidence, and positivity with the person you communicate with.”
Through eye contact, it is where people can see if you are confident in what you are doing. Without eye contact, people may doubt in what you say and will surely refuse to do business with you.

3. Walk Faster 
“Hurry up! Get the job done. There are so many things in life waiting for you to do, to see, and to enjoy.”
When you are down, you walk slow and thus have poor confidence. But if you are always in an excited mood even if you are emotionally not, your feelings and confidence will just follow. Always wake up with excitement because there are so many things to do and to enjoy!

4. Talk Louder 
“It is said that the impact of communication comes from 55% body language, 38% tone of voice, and only 7% from verbal content.”
 Be excited and talk louder, you can influence people more because of your confidence.

5. Smile
“The world’s best way to communicate.”
Through a smile, it builds instant trust. Show people you are friendly, that you are not there just to make a sale, but you are someone worth-meeting. A smile affects people more than anything else. A smile builds quick confidence and changes the environment around you.

6. Dress Sharp 
“If you dress up, you move up. If you dress down, you move down.” 
Successful people dress sharp. Even if you are not that successful yet, follow what they do and eventually you will be too. When you dress sharp, you feel good, confident and look more professional.

7. Come Early – Stay Late 
“If you come early and stay late, you’re in control. You’re in the business.”
Having an employee mentality, most people are too excited to go home when the clock strikes 5:00pm. But in business, most business-owners are always early and they stay late to close their operation. Be in business!

8. Declare your Intentions Publicly
“If you have a goal, declare it. The goal is half done.”
Confident people believe that they can do it. To show that commitment, they declare it publicly and thus there should be no turning back.

9. Raise Up, Stand Up
“Stand up for something you believe in. Raise up to your dream.”
Believe in what you do. That is why it is important to find something you believe in, and put your life to fight for it.

10. Stumble Forward, Stay Confused
“Success is never convenient.”
Moving forward may seem risky, but doing nothing is even riskier. Thus, fail your way to success.

Entrepreneurship is not just about theory, it is more on actions. The schools are starting to teach students about entrepreneurship but still the best teacher of it is experience.

(Source: System Builder Book, 5th Edition, WSB)

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