3 Major Products of Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc.

Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. is a registered healthcare provider in the Philippines. Unlike the traditional HMO's, aside from its short-term healthcare program, Kaiser has also long-term care product and senior care product (covers beyond age 60). Here are the lists of major benefits of each product of Kaiser International:
Kaiser Healthcare Clinic Cebu - located at MEPZ 1, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu*
1. Short-term Healthcare

Short-term healthcare product of kaiser is like your traditional corporate HMO benefit. It is a yearly renewable program that covers you a specific amount for a year duration. No claims, no return of premium. It is usually renewable until age 60 or 65. Short-term care product can be purchased as:
- Individual
- Family and
- Corporate 
The 5 major benefits of Kaiser short-term:

1.1. Preventive Health Care
- A package of annual physical examination (APE) that includes complete blood count, urinalysis, fecalysis, chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, pap smear and physical examination.

1.2. Out-patient Care
- In the event that the assured member suffers illness or injury not requiring confinement in a hospital, one may enjoy (but not limited to) - referral to specialists, regular consultation and treatment, pre-natal and post natal consultations, routine laboratory and x-ray examinations, treatment of minor injuries and surgery not requiring confinement and more. (please see official website for complete details)

1.3. In-patient Care
- No deposit upon admission. Benefits include but not limited to: room and board, operating and recovery room, administered medicines, x-ray and laboratory examinations, services of Kaiser specialists, ICU confinements, ambulance services and other hospital charges.

1.4. Emergency Care
- During the event of an emergency, one may enjoy the following benefits: physician's services, emergency room fees, medicines utilized, casts, dressing and sutures, oxygen and intravenous fluids, x-ray, laboratory and other diagnostic examination related to the emergency.

1.5. Dental Care
- The members is entitled to dental services such as: consultation and dental examinations, dental nutrition, dental health education, restorative and prosthodontic treatment, simple tooth extraction, temporary filling, annual prophylaxis, simple tooth adjustment, recementation of loose crowns, in-lays and on-lays.

2. Kaiser Long-term Healthcare

This is the innovative product of Kaiser - Kaiser Long-Term Healthcare Plan. The plan holder is to contribute a regular premium for a certain number of years (e.g. 7 years for Kaiser ultimate plan), and let it accumulate and mature for another few years time (additional 13 years for Kaiser ultimate, a total of 20 years before maturity). Upon maturity, the plan holder can now enjoy the benefits as cash or decide to let it continue to grow upon retirement ages 60 and beyond for healthcare purposes.

Kaiser long-term healthcare major benefits:

2.1. Preventive Health care: includes APE same as short-term care excluding pap smear.
2.2. Dental Care: same as short-term care.
2.3. Lifetime access to accredited hospitals and accredited doctors and specialists

2.4. Special and Extended Benefits
This benefit includes: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT Scan, Dialysis, Anti-Rabies, Venom and Tetanus Vaccine, Ambulance services and more. (please see official website for complete details)

2.5. Long-Term Care Benefits
A guaranteed benefit which you can use after maturity with whatever sickness you can use it even at ages 60 and beyond.

2.6. Yearly Health Benefits
A 10% yearly accumulation based on the long-term care benefit.

2.7. Long-term Care Bonus
If no claim was made during the saving period, a percentage up to 85% of total premiums paid will be given back upon maturity making your healthcare plan near cost-free.

2.8. Term Life Insurance
If the policy holder dies during the saving and accumulation periods, the beneficiary will receive a corresponding term insurance benefit dependent on the coverage availed of the plan holder.

2.9. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
If the policy holder dies due to accident or suffers dismemberment of body parts, the beneficiary will receive 200% of the term insurance benefit.

2.10. Waiver of Installment Due to Death and Disability
If the policy owner dies or becomes totally disabled during the saving and accumulation period, all the succeeding payments will be waived rendering the plan fully paid.

Kaiser Long-term Healthcare program can be availed by individuals ages 10 up to 60. For more information, please contact your IMG financial adviser, shoot us an email or contact us with our social media accounts.

Kaiser Healthcare Headquarters - King's Court Bldg.1, Chino Roces, Makati
3. Kaiser Senior Care Program

For clients that are no longer eligible to apply for Kaiser Long-term care program, a senior care product is designed for medical healthcare plan for seniors ages 61 to 100.

Major Benefits of Senior Care Plan:

3.1. Medical Insurance plan designed for ages 61 and above.
3.2. Reimbursement type based on coverage. Reimbursement may be done mid-way hospitalization provided confinement is coverable and required documents submitted.
3.3. Patient's choice for doctor, hospital and specialist.
3.4. Comprehensive range of Medical Insurance Benefits with maximum coverage limit of up to 1,000,000 pesos.
3.5. Member is to shoulder the 1st 10,000 of hospital bills.
- another 10% is still to be shouldered by the member.
- the remaining 90% is covered by Kaiser.

3.6. Surgical cases are based on Philhealth RUVS to calculate the maximum amount payable to the surgeon for surgical procedure. This means that the payment received from Kaiser may be less than the professional fee charged by the surgeon.

3.7. Reimbursement of actual hospitalization expenses based on coverage.

Other valuable information can be found at their official website:

To avail of Kaiser International Programs, contact your IMG financial adviser or shoot us and email or contact us with our social media accounts.

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