How does Kaiser Long-Term Healthcare Work?

Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. is one of the product providers of IMG offering people (as of writing) the only Long Term Healthcare Program in the Philippines. 

It’s a 3-in-1 product that solves the 3 major financial needs of Filipinos: investment, life insurance and long-term healthcare. 

This long-term care product is called the Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder. How does it work?
prepare for your long-term healthcare needs
prepare for your long-term healthcare needs
The long-term care program has 3 phases: the accumulation periodextended period, and the start of long-term care period (maturity).
Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc.
Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. (photo: Kaiser website)
This is the part where the plan holder is made to save for 7 years. 

At this period, the plan holder gets to have the following benefits:
- Free Annual Physical Exam
- Free Dental Benefits
- Waiver of Installment due to death
- Waiver of Installment due to disability
- Basic Medical Benefits
- Member’s choice of room and board
- Annual Benefit Limit (starting at 50,000 per year depending on the plan)

During this period, pre-existing conditions are not covered. This is to protect the healthy plan holders and the company. If pre-existing conditions are covered, then everyone will be selling inside the hospitals.

2. Extended Period (13years)
Since it is also an investment product, the funds have an extended period or what we call growing and waiting period as the funds are allowed to be invested and grow at an average rate of 10%. 

The plan holder no longer needs to contribute in his account but just have to wait for its maturity. The funds inside Kaiser are invested in mutual funds handled by one of the top investment companies in the Philippines. 

The benefits in this period include:
- The same as the accumulation period but the payments are already deducted from the funds inside Kaiser.
- Term Life Insurance for 20 years (starting at the accumulation period up to the end of extended period)
- Accidental Death and Dismemberment for 20 years (starting at the accumulation period up to the end of extended period)
- Lifetime Network access to over 500 major hospitals
- Additional Health Bonus when the market is at top performance
- Receives the VISA card after full contribution from the accumulation period

3. Long-term Care Period (beyond 20years)
Upon maturity, the plan holder will receive the following benefits:
- Total accumulation of unused health benefits
- Long term care benefit or the plan coverage
- Long term care bonus (up to 85% of return on premium contributed when there are no claims e.g. hospitalization during the accumulation period rendering the plan almost cost-free)
- Additional health benefits when the market is at top performance

All the above benefits will be good as cash. The plan holder now has the option to withdraw all the money, or take half of it or, let it accumulate until retirement years continuing to grow at an average rate of 10% per year. 

Upon age 60 or 65, the person can then decide to convert it as pension type example getting the annual interest only per year, or withdraw it all as lumped sum retirement fund.

The beauty of Kaiser long-term care program is that when a person gets sick, it is a health fund, but if not, it becomes your savings. 

Unlike the traditional healthcare where the person contributes per year, and when he doesn’t get sick, no return of premium is available. 

The Kaiser long term plan covers beyond age 60 and above basing on the health funds accumulated in your account.

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