IMG goes to Bro Bo Sanchez's Kerygma Conference 2015

Bro Bo Sanchez is a long friend of International Marketing Group (IMG) and has side-by-side been doing the advocacy of teaching Filipinos about financial education through his seminars and IMG Team: Truly Rich Makers. Because of that, IMG is also the number 1 supporter of Bro Bo's Kerygma Conference. Let's take a peek at last year's Kerygma Conference Cebu.

Last November 28, 2015, Kerygma Conference: "Coming Home" was held in Waterfront Hotel Cebu with thousands of attendees. It was a great package of fun, empowerment and spiritual abundance. Being an IMG member, it is important to have balance, not just to have a financially abundant mindset but also be spiritually abundant. With the 5 powerful speakers including Bro Bo Sanchez, we felt very blessed and obliged to bless others too by sharing their powerful insights.
IMG and Kaiser in Bro Bo Sanchez's Kerygma Conference
IMG and Kaiser in Bro Bo Sanchez's Kerygma Conference
1st Speaker: Jon Escoto

His focus was how to be in business in today's modern time and how the internet has changed how people do business. However, inspite of the high technology, the demand for high-touch is still very different. Here are his powerful lines worth noting:

"Character is what you are in the dark."

"Network brings you in, Trust keeps you in."

"Love is the best business strategy."

At the end of the day, your character brings trust to your clients having love and service as your ultimate motive in business.

2nd Speaker: Arun Gogna

He started his talk with a powerful humor, "Home is where the WIFI is." His talk focuses that "coming home" means knowing who you are. Some powerful lines he said:

"Your identity changes depending on your journey in life."

"The things you do cannot define who you are. How you are (feeling) does not define who you are."

"Do not let your situation blind you from all the blessings that is already in you."

Because everthing you do, how you feel or in what situation you are in, who you really are is defined by "Whose" you are. Who you belong to and that is God!

3rd Speaker: Obet Cabrillas

His topic involved depression on digital life. As people are getting more addicted with the internet and social media, more people are experiencing cybertendencies including cyberbullying, cyberaddiction and cyberdelusion. His powerful message was:

"Balance is Power."

"Everything should be kept in moderation as anything excessive is not good."

"The cure for depression is expression, emotional literacy and assertiveness (care-frontation)"

The digital world has provided easy access to communication yet has also become a source of separation. We need to use technology to love people. Nothing beats real communication to fill our love tanks.

4th Speaker: Alvin Barcelona

His talk started with a heart-warming play with him singing - showing love in a family. His talk was focus about the family. Having technology, it is like fire. Either it will add warmth or burn relationship. We need to use it, not abuse it. 

"Parenting is always about modelling."

At Home, we should be able to Forgive, Freshen Up and be Filled.

His powerful message revolves within his family members:

(1) Wife - forgiveness should be evident within a couple. The parents are the foundation of a family and as most aren't perfect, couples should learn how to forgive.

(2) Teenage Son - as a teenager, exposure to the real world starts to unfold. Regardless how dirty the world may be, the home should provide a venue to freshen up our values and character.

(3) Youngest Daughter - children don't remain children forever, that is why we need to appreciate how they fill the house with joy and innocence despite being naughty sometimes.

"Where love is, there is home. Where God is, there is home."

IMG in Kerygma: too blessed to be stressed
IMG in Kerygma: too blessed to be stressed
5th Speaker: Bo Sanchez

And lastly, with Bro Bo's powerful talk, we came to appreciate everything we have. His powerful messages worthy to be shared:

"Stop running, rest, take a breath, open your eyes and that you already have it!"

For singles: We don't need anyone to be happy, we are capable of being happy ourselves. And when we are happy, we become an attractive person.

For married couples: the formula for happy marriage, "happy man + happy woman = happy marriage."

Only God can complete us, and your partner is just the "bonus."

"Marriage is a union of man + wife + God." 
"You already have it." - so short, yet so powerful!

If you felt blessed just by reading this, share it to bless others. Be very blessed by joining the next Kerygma Conference 2016!

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