What is Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc.?

Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. is one of the product providers of IMG. It is a registered company that operates as a health care provider as approved by the Department of Health - Bureau of Health Facilities. On top of the traditional HMO's that provide healthcare benefits during employments years, Kaiser provides the second layer of HMO coverage for long-term or retirement needs. Thus, their programs consist of short-term including corporate, individual and family needs, senior care programs (HMO for ages 60 and up) and long-term healthcare programs.

Here are the list of frequently asked questions about Kaiser International: (source: Kaiser's Official Webpage)

long-term healthcare needs
we must be prepared for our long-term healthcare needs

Frequently Asked Questions: 
Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. (photo: Kaiser website)
1. How secure & financially stable is Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc.?
The Healthcare Industry is a highly regulated industry. Before any company can be licensed it has to fully comply with all the government requirements to make sure it is fully secured and can deliver its benefits to its clients. It is regularly monitored by the regulatory government agencies. Our Kaiser health plans are designed by a Licensed Actuary not only to ensure compliance with established government regulations but also to make sure that our products are financially sound and stable. Kaiser is one of the top most healthcare company in the Healthcare Industry in terms of capitalization and market share. Kaiser is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements. On top of this, Kaiser's cornerstone of success resides in the skill and experience of its corporate management, and its business partners. Kaiser draws great strength from a leadership team which thoroughly understands the company industry and operating environment. It possesses close, long-term relationships with its members and partners throughout the country. With Kaiser's strong financial stability, our clients are highly secured. Kaiser deals with top notch and highly qualified licensed financial managers. We consider them as partners and work very closely with them. The managers themselves are also governed by government regulations. In addition, we deal with some of the country's best universal banks.

2. It's the first time I've heard about Kaiser. What is it?
Kaiser International Healthgroup Inc. is accredited by the department of Health as an HMO. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a health care provider and broker for other health care companies.

3. Who are the persons behind Kaiser?
Kaiser's Board of Directors is seasoned experts in the Medical field services and the health care Industry. Headed by its President and CEO Dr. Ramon B. Abragan, Jr..

4. What is the financial viability of Kaiser?
Kaiser is registered with SEC and has an authorized capitalization of Php 160M. It has fully complied with all the SEC regulations. It is also approved by Department of Health to operate as an HMO. The Investment and funds are managed by the top leading financial Institutions in the Industry.

5. I have just bought a Kaiser 45,000 ultimate plan and would want to have a bigger coverage. Can I upgrade or buy another plan?
Yes, a plan holder or member may upgrade his plan within 30 days from the member's effectivity date. The member may buy another plan only upon full payment of his policy which is on the 6th year.

6. I have just bought a Kaiser-100,000 plan. Can I now avail of the Annual Physical and Dental Examination?
The member can avail of these two outpatient benefits after paying fully paying the first year's premium. E.g. If his mode of payment is annual, then he can avail immediately after receiving his online policy containing his benefit and dental card, provider directory, guide book and your schedule of benefits with the contract provisions.

7. I have a Kaiser-55,000 plan which I'd like to transfer to my daughter because I'm migrating to the U.SA. How do I go about transferring it?
The member shall be required to sign an amendment form and the daughter signs a new application for membership form and submit it to his IMG representative/offices or to Kaiser office located respectively at the 3rd and ground floor of King's Court I Building along 2129 Chino Roces Avenue in Makati City.

8. Do I need to use Kaiser's network of providers?
Yes. You must stay within the network at least during the accumulation or Paying Period. However, after the accumulation period, you can avail of your medical needs using your own set of providers and then file for reimbursement within your allowable health benefit.

9. If a member dies, is his K100, 000 plan transferable to any of his beneficiaries? How much will his beneficiary get?
If the plan has approved term insurance coverage, the plan is transferable to the primary beneficiary. Kaiser shall pay the principal amount of the term insurance equivalent to the member's long-term care benefit Php 100,000 plus 85% of the total premium if no claims were made during the accumulation period. If the cause of death is an accident then the amount will be doubled.

10. Why should I buy a Kaiser health care plan when my family and I are now covered by my husband's employer healthcare plan?
Your family coverage with the employer's healthcare plan is given to your husband as part of his employee benefit and continues to be available as your husband is employed with the company. However, by the time your husband resigns or retires from the company, this companies healthcare plan benefit stops!

Other valuable information can be found at their official website:

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