A Plea to all IMG Members: Branding Lessons from Mr. Rex Mendoza

IMG has had an amazing Malaysia convention last April 17, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. And we were again bombarded with awesome lessons that truly can change our lives. One of which was Mr. Rex Mendoza's topic about branding. 

He truly is a master speaker and has made his topic come to life with a story and it goes:

forge a strong brand like iron
forge a strong brand like iron
A certain CEO stayed in one of the most respected hotels in the world, Ritz-Carlton. The night they were about to leave the hotel, his son seems to have lost his toy giraffe named Joshie.

The son cried endlessly looking for his lost toy giraffe. To stop him crying as they have to leave early for tomorrow, the CEO made a white lie to his son.

"Son, we talked with Joshie earlier and he said that he wanted to stay a little bit in the hotel. He will just come home later."

And effectively, his son stopped crying. The very same night, the CEO called Ritz-Carlton to find his son's giraffe and deliver a.s.a.p.while telling them the white lie he made just to let him stop crying. 

After a day, the package arrived and yes with the giraffe. BUT to his amazement, the toy came with a journal with the pictures as follows:

Joshie on his extended vacation in Ritz-Carlton.
Joshie on his extended vacation in Ritz-Carlton. (photo credits:
I may not have included all the details in the story. But the point is, Ritz-Carlton is such a powerful brand because of the customer service that they offer. Finding the stuffed giraffe is a given, but to exert that additional effort is another thing. A white lie that was made into reality, now that is something to commend on. 

Now connecting the lesson to IMG, the company now is tremendously growing. The company may not be able to control all of its member's activities and thus, it is our duty, that every IMG member must uphold such integrity to protect the IMG brand.

So let this be a plea to all IMG Members:

- let us all be proud we are part of this new industry.

- let us continue to help spread financial education.
- let us practice what we preach, and share financial products that also truly helped us 
- let us not sell but educate.
- let us not recruit or sell to people for the sake of promotions or incentives.
- let us clarify to people we are a financial organization not a network marketing, MLM, and/or an insurance company.
- let us make it clear that we are here to help people.
- we are here for a mission.
- and we are here to envision that all Filipino families are financially educated.

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