Payment Options for your Kaiser Healthcare Account

Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. is a partner healthcare provider of International Marketing Group (IMG). Its long-term healthcare program is one of the most sought after products of Kaiser covering people beyond ages 60 for their healthcare needs.

After opening your Kaiser long-term healthcare program, you would want to know how to do your subsequent payments. Here are some of the payment options for your preference:  

Pay your Kaiser bills online
Pay your Kaiser bills online
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Option 1. Pay through Cash (3) 

1.1. Go to an IMG financial center near you. Pay to the cashier. 
1.2. Remit to a trusted IMG member preferably a Senior Marketing Director position as they can issue a "Sales Associate Temporary Receipt" (SATR). However, we encourage directly remitting to an IMG financial center to avoid untoward incidents like non-remittance of payments. 

Option 2. Pay through Check (2) 

For check transactions, please write the following in the payee: 
"International Marketing Group" or "Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc."
Please make sure there are no mistakes or misspelled words as check transactions are very strict. 

Option 3. Bank Deposit (1) 

You can pay through the below bank accounts:

Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc.
BPI: 3711-0062-13
BPI Family Savings Bank: 6251-0171-64
Unionbank: 0020-3000-8451

Then remit to a financial center near you or submit transaction slip to a trusted IMG financial trainer. 

Important Note: Please take note that payment through bank deposit  requires you to let IMG or Kaiser know your transaction as no specific data (like your policy number) is included through bank deposit transactions.

Option 4. Over the Counter Credit Card (3) 

You can pay through credit card using the form below:
Kaiser Credit Card Payment Form
Kaiser Credit Card Payment Form

Print form, input details and remit to an IMG Financial Center near you. 

Important Note: There are also feedback on credit card transactions that charges are not reflected right away. Especially those that opt to do a monthly deduction on their credit card. Reason: credit card may expire and updating of the credit card form was not done. 

Option 5. Using the Online Policy Management System (OPMS) (3)

Log-in to your Kaiser Online Policy Management System (click here)
If you don't have access or have forgotten your password to your online account just request access. (click here) Just input your email address, your policy number and your application number and Kaiser will send you your online access through your email add. 
Kaiser online access request
Kaiser online access request
Once you are logged in your online account, just click pay bill now.
Pay bill online using your Kaiser Online Policy System
Pay bill online using your Kaiser Online Policy System
Then choose from all the payment options provided. Online options include: money remittance, bank deposit, online bank transfer, debit card via Bancnet, credit card via Paypal.
Online payment options for your Kaiser premiums
Online payment options for your Kaiser premiums
Important note: Please follow specifically the instructions provided. Failure to do so may incur errors in the transaction. 

Another note: Since the online system was just recently launched last 2015, there have been quite a few errors including but not limited to payments not being reflected right away even if the payments are already made, lapse status even if you are actively saving. It is important not to be worried about this as the system is still being polished. Just make sure your online transactions are stored in case the need to trace transactions is required. 

Option 6. Pay through BPI expressonline (1)

Using the same steps in enrolling your Soldivo account in your BPI expressonline, you can do the same to your Kaiser Account.

1. Log in to your BPI online account
2. Click Bills Payment – Enroll Other Bills
3. Look for Kaiser under list of Merchants
4. Use your APPLICATION NUMBER found in your online policy as the Reference Number. If an error will occur try changing the 1st digit to 0 (zero) Example: 8000xxxxxxx then change first digit to 0 (zero). DO NOT USE the Policy Number.

Important note: for accounts processed online (through E-app), you will get an alpha-numeric Application Number, thus, use the Policy Number instead but remove the 80880 and change to 00000. Example: Policy Number 80880-10000-xxxxx-00 then use 00000xxxxx00.

5. You can also schedule Bills Payment every month  

Option 7. Pay through IMG online kiosk (2)

A new payment option is now available using the IMG online kiosk.

Kiosk 1 transactions should pay over-the-counter in an IMG financial center as a receipt number is required. 

Kiosk 2 may be used at home because you can easily upload your proof of payment like deposit slips/forms rather than sending via email.
IMG's online kiosk
IMG's online kiosk
Choose Subpay Kaiser. Then input your Kaiser Policy Number, wait for it to load to see your installment number and premium. Click on Next.
IMG online kiosk for Kaiser Subpay
IMG online kiosk for Kaiser Subpay
Payment options include debit card via Bancnet, credit card via Paypal, remittance, bank deposit, bank transfer or pay to IMG cashier.
IMG online kiosk method for Kaiser subpay payment options
IMG online kiosk method for Kaiser subpay payment options
Just follow the specific instructions. Please take note of the reminders to avoid any errors in the transactions. 

Important note: The online kiosk has just been recently used to compliment the OPMS which seems to have a lot of errors. The online kiosk has encounter less errors on transactions so far. 

These are all the payment options as of April 27, 2016. If you have additional information on the above options kindly inform us so we can also share it to others. If you have questions and inquiries, please feel free to email and contact us so we can be of assistance. For concerns that we can no longer address, email directly to Kaiser and IMG's support: or

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