Why you should be your own boss?

It's morning and you're still begging for unlimited extra 5 minutes in bed. You spring up in bed when it's already 7:30 and take only a little sip and a nib. You get to work a tad late, and the looong day starts, with customary glances at the wall clock every now and then, silently wishing it would turn faster.

Your daily cycle? Let me tell you little snippets of truth that may encourage you to be the big guy. 
be your own boss
be your own boss
Scene 1:
YOU: Arrives at 8 o'clock sharp. Grind til 5.
BOSS: Alarm at 7. Snooze til 8. Home gym. Lazy dip in the tub. Coffee and the daily paper. A few chitchat on the BB, few clicks on the Mac. Lunch out with business partner. And *stretch* a short drive to work. Signs a paper or two. A few hellos to clients and suppliers. It's 2 pm. His day is done.

Scene 2:
YOU: Files a leave for an annual family vacation. Disapproved, too many urgent docs to furnish.
BOSS: Friend sends invite for an out-of-the-country trip tomorrow. Few clicks on the PDA to book a flight. Sets out to buy sunblock and pack.

Scene 3:
YOU: Absent on Monday, fever. Absent on Wednesday til Friday, child sick. On payday, budget very very sick.
BOSS: Absent on Monday, feeling lazy, staying in bed all day. Absent on Wednesday til Friday, out-of-town escapade. Paycheck unfazed.

Scene 4:
YOU: Working lazily, paycheck at 4 digits. Working very very hard, paycheck the same.
BOSS: Working lazily, paycheck at 6+ digits. Working very very hard, paycheck doubles, if not triples.

Scene 5:
You know the other scenes too well.

Have I convinced you enough? Many have succeeded in the "unusual" path, so why shouldn't you? Start building your future. The time you spend building your dream life today will reward you soon with time you spend for your loved ones. Dream big, dream for a good life. And ALWAYS choose to be happy.

Want to get rich fast? Get rich slow. :)

This article is written by Chloe Bacalso and is published in: TiyoPilo

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