How to Create a Money Magnet

Financial freedom happens when your passive income is greater than your expenses. It is the main objective in winning the money game: to be financially free. And to achieve that a financial freedom fund should be in place. 

However, saving and investing in a financial freedom fund may take a long time. To hasten this fund, we need to create a money magnet machine to build this fund faster and ultimately reach financial freedom.

The money magnet concept is based on the law of attraction stating that "what you focus on expands" and "where attention goes, energy flows and results show." To hasten building your financial freedom fund, then one must create a money magnet. Here are the steps in building a money magnet: 
Be a money magnet
Be a money magnet

5 Steps in creating a money magnet to financial freedom

1. The financial freedom fund should be the 1st priority
In any budgeting technique like the 10-20-70 rule or the money jar system, the financial freedom fund should be the first, let me repeat that, the FIRST priority in a budgeting plan. Your mindset should be, when income comes in, the first percentage (recommended 10% of your income) should be allocated for your financial freedom fund. Again, as the law of attraction says, "what you focus on, expands." Then by focusing, prioritizing this fund, you can attract more money to build this fund faster.

2. It should be in a clear container
By seeing your financial freedom fund grow, you will be excited. It is therefore important to place your fund in a clear container and should be visible inside your place. It is also important to label "Financial Freedom Fund" so that the universe will understand your intention. Though some may opt to just open a bank or investment account for your fund, it is imperative to leave a portion of those fund inside your house or place in order to visualize and see it grow. This container will serve as your money magnet!
Financial freedom fund
Financial freedom fund
3. Never ever empty your money magnet
Every end of the month, you will then transfer your money from your container and deposit it in your investment accounts. BUT, never ever empty your money magnet! If your container is empty, then by the law of attraction, you will attract "nothing!" So leave a small portion and then continue adding your fund. Remember: the bigger the amount is inside this fund, the stronger the magnet!

4. Keep adding every day
If possible, we need to keep adding every day to this fund. May it be small bills or coins, the important thing is we give it attention. Again as stated, "where attention goes, energy flows and results show." With this the law of attraction is activated and you will attract more money to hasten building your financial freedom fund. 

5. Lastly, this fund is never spent
This fund will be your lump sum golden goose that will soon lay a lot of golden eggs. This will be your fund that will keep on earning income for you even if you will no longer work. This fund can be invested in a mutual fund or other interest bearing accounts. Once it is big enough, the interest will be enough to pay for your expenses. Or it could also be invested in properties that provide positive and passive cash inflow. This fund will be your ticket to financial freedom!

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