Are you ready for Fatherhood?

I recently became a father.
Are you ready for the responsibilities of fatherhood?
Are you ready for the responsibilities of fatherhood?
As I carried my little baby girl, Nathania, I could not help but feel thankful and blessed to have such an opportunity: Fatherhood. Nothing in the world can compare to such joy I am feeling. 

Nothing - no money, no fancy car, no single thing in the entire universe could ever replace the joy that I felt when I cradled her in my arms.

I felt love. I was in love. My beautiful wife, Rodielou, lying down, my beautiful baby girl in my arms. I feel like I am on the top of the world.

Was there an experience in your life as rich as this? The first kiss, your graduation day, your wedding day, the first time you got a house, bought your car or motorcycle, the moment you proposed or were proposed to - all beautiful moments. 

Imagine going back to those memories and try savoring the feeling. Would you like to keep the feeling as long as you can? Everybody wants to but a lot of people would say that it is impossible to always be happy and I agree with you. 

Truly the best things in life such as happiness are free. But to provide and sustain the best things is not as simple as A B and C. 

We all know that such responsibility is not all fun and games. We need to take care of our families: our babies need their milk, we need to put food on the table, we need to have clothes to wear, a roof over our heads and security for our families to keep us safe from this unpredictable world. 

However, not all couples are ready for such responsibility. A lot of couples fight and why would they? 

Is it money?
Career issues?
Husband fired from work?
Wife being not financially satisfied?

All the reasons above have one thing in common: Money. 

In the world today, we need money to help us live the good life for our family and for ourselves as well. 

Most of the time, our salaries are not enough. No matter how hard we work, how many hours we burn, how many people we please or how many insults we take because of work, we are not compensated enough - worse, we are not even appreciated. 

And because we are obliged to take care of our families, we borrow money from people, take out loans - basically, go into debt. It provided us temporary relief but a headache when it is already due. 

Because the money we have is no longer enough to pay our debts and feed our families at the same time, we dig into an even deeper debt until such time that everything we earn goes to just paying our debt.

Tell me, how does it feel to squeeze your income just to pay a debt? Not to mention its high interest rates. It does not feel good! It is sad, but true and a lot of people are in this situation. 

Do you know what happiness is for an adult? It is to be debt-free. To be financially free! We don't need to sacrifice our happiness to provide for our families. 

It may sound impossible to all, but it is very, very doable. And it happened to us because of IMG. 

You see guys, it is easy to go into a relationship: to jump into lovemaking. But mind you, becoming a father, a dad - now that is a different story. Be sure to be ready with the responsibility. 

Pass this to someone you care. Let this be a wake up call. And if you need help we are more than willing to help you. 

This article is written by Financial Coach - Joma Leovent S. Dosdos. a teacher by profession now doing IMG as a full-time career as a financial trainer.
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