How to be Poor in 3 Easy Ways

As ironic as it sounds, every one of us wants to become wealthy but our actions speak otherwise. Even with all the information available through books, seminars or through IMG's financial education workshop, majority of people are still not in the habit or in conscious awareness of the importance of saving and investing for our future. 

Oh, let me correct that, people understand the importance of saving and investing but applying and doing it, is still an uphill battle. Even all the efforts of showing the advantages of saving and investing early, knowledge is never converted into wisdom without action. 

Now, let us try to account that majority of us are negative by nature. If showing advantages doesn't work, then maybe showing some negativity does. So let this be a different approach and hopefully it will serve as a wake up call.
Procrastination, spending all and instant gratification
Procrastination, spending all and instant gratification
Here are three easy, simple and effortless ways to become poor:  

1. Procrastination 
"Saving? I'm still young. Saving and investing can wait." and so does wealth. Procrastination is a sure way to become poor.

Saving is just like exercise - it is important but not urgent. When we are still healthy, we continue eating everything and delay exercising. And when sicknesses hit us, it is the time when we become health conscious. We want to experience negative situations first before taking action. And it's no different with our finances. 

So if you are procrastinating with saving and investing, congratulations, you are on your way to become financially sick. 

2. Spend all your money
As they say, "You only live once" (Y.O.L.O.) so spend everything. Why save and not enjoy your hard-earned money? You deserve to spend it all after a stressful work. If something happens to us, we can not take with us our savings, so might as well spend it all now than never enjoy it. 

Truly, you only live once and spending all your money is a sure way to become poor. After a stressful work and having blessed to receive a salary from our employer, we chose to spend everything because we wanted a different kind of stress: credit card bills, sudden loss of job, or no hospitalization down-payment for our parents. 

Why save? If something happens to us, it is our families obligation to take care of themselves when we are gone. Let's enjoy now and let them take care of themselves. 

3. Instant gratification 
This is the ultimate way and the fastest way to become poor. Are you excited? I sure am not! 

Because we don't like to save, we reward ourselves by having everything now! How? Through credit cards, salary loans or anything that involves borrowing money. 

Want that new gadget? Swipe that card.
Want your dream car? Take out a car loan.
Trip to Hongkong Disneyland? Get a salary loan.

And hey, don't forget to pay only the minimum because we want our debt to grow with interest. Let the interest grow as big as it should be so that the lending companies can get wealthy and you poor, FAST. 

Why save and wait? Why delay gratification? Borrow money now, drown into debt and you're on your way to instant poverty. 

A slap in the face is cruel. But sometimes, it's all we need. Remember: life is more brutal when its his time to slap us. Send this to someone you want to slap right now, and hopefully he/she wakes up from the unconscious and effortless things he/she is doing to become poor. 

And if it's you? I know it hurts. Admit it and forgive yourself. Be the change you want to be in your life. And if you need guidance, a company like IMG exists and we are more than willing to help you. 

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