Crisis: do you see danger or opportunity?

Wealth file #5: 
Rich people focus on opportunities
Poor people focus on obstacles

This wealth file is related to wealth file no.1: The victims - blamer, justifier and complainer. While the wealth file no.1 talks about taking responsibility, this file talks about how we perceive things. 

We all know that what we focus on, expands. So when we focus on the obstacles, the more and more obstacles we encounter. And just like the complainer, we become a negative person where people will then start to move away from us. 

Remember: Nobody wants to be around someone who is negative.

Rich people focus on opportunities. As one financial mentor said, instead of saying "I can not afford it" ask yourself, "how can I afford it?" By asking yourself that question, your mind starts to work. It keeps on looking for opportunities, hidden wisdom, or basically, your mind becomes an opportunity-seeking machine. When you say, "I can not afford it." your mind automatically shuts down! 

Today, let's play with your mind. Take a look at this picture, what do you see? 
what do you see?
what do you see? (source: hubpages)
There are two things you see in this picture: two faces looking at each other (the black part) and a vase (the white part). Depending on the perception of a person, some people may see the vase first but can not see the two faces or vice versa. 

This is how the mind thinks. Depending on how we see things, it can be an opportunity or an obstacle. 

Another famous example of this is the Chinese symbol for "Crisis."
Crisis means danger + opportunity.
Crisis means danger + opportunity. (photo: pinterest)
The person with poor mindset will see danger during crisis. But the rich mindset person will acknowledge the danger, but will see an opportunity to solve a problem. 

Again, everything starts in the mind. Our physical reality is based on the actions we do. Our actions are based on what we feel and believe in. And what we believed in is based on what we feed our mind and how we think. 

Remember: It's not that we don't have enough money that we can't save and invest. It's because we don't save and invest that we don't have enough money. 

Change your perspective. Have a millionaire mind. 

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