Do you deserve to be wealthy?

Wealth file #3: 
Rich people are committed to being rich.
Poor people want to be rich.

Wealth file #4:
Rich people think big.
Poor people think small.

These two wealth files are somewhat related. They both meant that the difference between a person with rich mindset and a person with poor mindset is the level of belief to themselves and deservingness.

A person with rich mindset totally believes in himself, regardless of his current situation, that sooner or later he will be successful. This total belief gives him the commitment to become wealthy no matter what. 

The poor person however, lacks belief in himself that he just "wants" to become wealthy. Everyone wants to become wealthy, BUT not all are committed to become one. 

As I have done in most of my group training, when I ask the audience, "who among you here can see themselves, sooner or later, that they are holding in their hands, 1 Million Pesos cold cash!?" 

Do you know what? Most people don't see it. Why? It boils down to the level of belief to themselves and their feeling of deservingness. 
Do you deserve to be wealthy?
Do you deserve to be wealthy?
The rich person would definitely raise his hand with no reservation. The poor mindset person would have 2nd thoughts of raising his hand because he thinks in his mind that it is impossible for him to do that. 

"Having a million would be good. I want that. But I don't think I can do that." 

and by the law of attraction: "your wish is my command." 

The 4th wealth file is related to the 3rd one. Because the rich person sees himself and is committed to becoming wealthy, he then thinks BIG. Massive goals. Huge goals. Because not only he believes in himself but also feels he deserves the best things in life by being successful. 

Again, we settle for the things we think we deserve. The poor mindset only acts according to what he thinks he deserves: small, mediocre, just enough. 

You see, whatever tools we have, skills we have, opportunities that come to us, if we don't believe in ourselves and if we feel not worthy of achieving success, then no matter what, we will never become wealthy. 

Wealth or becoming rich starts in the mind. And if you might be wondering why we keep on talking about becoming rich? It's because we all deserve to become one. 

The ultimate purpose of wealth is to help others. And if you are a good person, becoming wealthy will surely help a lot of people. 

Remember: Broke is the state of your bank account. But poor is the state of your mind. 

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