Have you ever wondered who is behind LifeatIMG?

Hi I'm Teof Bacalso, also known as Tiyo Pilo. 
Life at IMG Admin - Teof Bacalso
Life at IMG Admin
We have specifically placed in our "about" section of the blog who the people of Life at IMG are. But not everyone seems to have visited that page. So here we are:
The admins behind Life at IMG: Bacalso Siblings
The admins behind Life at IMG: Bacalso Siblings
I, Teof Bacalso (right), am most of the time the author of the blog. My brother, Vincent (left), is the artist/designer and my sister, Leah (center), is in charge of inquiries. 

We also have co-authors like Raizza Gomez, for our travel articles, and other trainers and finance advocates as contributors such as Sir Jess Faller of Prosperpinoy and his contribution - minutes to wealth. We also have Chloe Bacalso, and Joma Levy Dosdos for some finance and entrepreneurship articles. 

This is to show everyone that IMG is not just a company, but a lifestyle, an experience. We want to show everyone a life of finance, investments, business and travel in one package, and how you can also have the same experience too: Life at IMG!

And because of your continued support, let's work together to achieve our global campaign for financial literacy - to financially educate 1 million Filipino families by the year 2020. 

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