The blamer, justifier and complainer. Are you one of them?

Wealth file #1: 
Rich people believe "I create my life." 
Poor people believe "Life happens to me."

As in our previous post: Lessons From The "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind", we enumerated the 17 wealth files. Though we may not discuss every bit of detail, I suggest to just go buy the book. 

Let's however, dissect the lessons on some (if not all) of the wealth files and how we can relate it to our advocacy in IMG. 

The wealth file no.1 is all about responsibility. Taking responsibility and taking control of your future. Rich people believe they create their life, meaning they are responsible for the lives they have now. Relating this to IMG, this just shows that we are in the right environment, exercising our minds to think like the wealthy people by taking control of our finances.

IMG encourages people to "do-it-yourself" D.I.Y. Instead of relying to so-called financial planners and advisers, you become your own money manager. When you take charge of your life, you are one step closer to becoming wealthy as wealth starts in the mind. 

On the other hand, poor people (referring to mindset not necessarily income) believe that life happens to them. They blame, justify and complain on their financial lives. These types of people are those that you need to avoid the most. They are in short called, victims.

Let's dissect why we need to avoid these 3 types of victims: 
Are you a victim? A blamer, justifier or complainer?
Are you a victim? A blamer, justifier or complainer?
1. Blamer - this type of victim blames everybody else for their situation. They blame their employer, their employee, their business partner, their church, their parents, their spouse and even God! They blame everybody else except themselves. 

Why? because it is easier to point the responsibility to others than taking the responsibility ourselves. By nature we want to keep our hands clean, and in so doing, we let others take the blame for our financial situations.

Poor Mindset: "My policy got lapsed because the agent did not remind me of my due date!" 
Rich Mindset: "I keep a calendar and a reminder for my due dates so I can pay them on time regardless of my agent."  

See the small difference in the mindset but totally BIG impact on their financial lives? Are you a blamer

2. Justifier - this type of victim gives reasons to why he did not achieve his desired financial result. In order to feel good, he justifies his situation. But then again, you can either have reasons (excuse, justifications, alibi, expedient, makeshift or vindication - enough of the thesaurus please!) or results. But you can't have BOTH! 

Poor Mindset: "It's okay to not have savings as long as I spend it with my family." 
Rich Mindset: "I need to save some money so that I can spend more quality and quantity of time with my family later on." 

See the small difference in the mindset but totally BIG impact on their financial lives? Are you a justifier

3. Complainer - this is the worst type of victim! Why? Because we all know that what we focus on expands. This type of victim only focuses on the bad things that has and will happen to him and thus he gets more of what he is complaining about. As much as possible, avoid these kinds of people because all they bring to the table are negative things and sooner or later, it can also infect you. 

Poor Mindset: "This stingy employer! With such high tax! How can I pay these *!@#$ bills and credit card dues! What a terrible life!" 
Rich Mindset: "I better get away from this co-worker!" *runs fast!* 

So going back: 

Wealth file #1: 
Rich people believe "I create my life." 
Poor people believe "Life happens to me."

Everything starts in the mind and the first thing is taking control of your life. Being in IMG is like being in a school of teaching and molding people to think like the wealthy people. It is tough that is why not all can survive being part of IMG. But once you change your mindset, everything will just come into place. 

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