Why you should not hate or resent rich people

Wealth file #6: 
Rich people admire other rich and successful people.
Poor people resent rich and successful people. 

Wealth file #7: 
Rich people associate with positive, successful people. 
Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.

These two wealth files from the "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" are related as most of the times, we Filipinos have negative beliefs and perspectives towards rich people. 
The rich people think very differently with poor people
The rich people think very differently with poor people
Examples are: 
"Rich people are selfish and greedy." 
"Rich people are snobbish." 
"Rich people make their money from the sweat of the poor." 

And because of these negative notions, we don't want to be associated with these rich people. However, these beliefs are neither true nor false and in fact they become self-sabotaging beliefs. 

As per the law of attraction, we attract that which we want. However, when we dislike something or someone, we become an anti-magnet to the things we don't want. Meaning:
We all want to become wealthy, BUT when we hate/resent rich people, we become an anti-magnet to wealth. 
Who wants to become a snobbish, selfish or greedy person? Ofcourse, No one! But when we believe that rich people are greedy, selfish or snobbish, then guess what, we will never be rich because we don't want to become greedy, selfish or snobbish. 

But again, as mentioned these beliefs may not necessarily be true but rather can be supportive or non-supportive to your way to wealth. So I rather believe that wealthy people are good people and they help a lot of people because it is a more supportive belief towards my way to wealth. And so should you. 

That's why rich people wants to be associate with other rich people, not because they are greedy but because they want to belong to an environment of supportive people. 

And poor people associate themselves with other poor and negative people because they want to be comforted of their situation knowing they are not the only one. Worse, they resent the wealthy people to make themselves feel better. 
Be in a positive environment
Be in a positive environment
As Jim Rohn cleverly said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." It is therefore very important to choose your environment wisely. 

If you are in an environment where people talk about debt, are in debt and financially struggling, then guess what, most likely we are also in that same situation. 

We need therefore to change our environment. And luckily, we have IMG as a vehicle where people can belong to a community or organization where people are success-driven. That's why IMG is having a global campaign to financially educate millions of Filipinos worldwide because we want to change the mindset of people to learn how to save and invest, to belong into a positive and supportive environment and to help people dream again that all our financial goals are really possible. 

So to become wealthy, we need to think like the millionaires. We must learn to appreciate and admire other wealthy people by associating with other successful, success-driven and positive people. So that through attraction, when we become wealthy ourselves, other people will also admire and appreciate us.

So, be part of IMG, become part of our global campaign for financial literacy. Experience #LifeatIMG. Be a member now! (Click here)

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