How to Open a Kaiser Long-term Healthcare Account?

Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. is a partner healthcare provider of International Marketing Group (IMG). Its long-term healthcare program is one of the most sought after products of Kaiser covering people beyond ages 60 for their healthcare needs. So, how does one avail or open an account in Kaiser? 

Here are your options:

1. Talk to an IMG financial trainer or be your own agent.

Since IMG is the only exclusive distributor of Kaiser International; one must talk to an IMG financial trainer. A financial needs analysis must be done, identifying the desired and needed healthcare protection especially during retirement years and matching it with the person’s capability to save. 

Another option is that one may opt to be his/her own financial expert or agent by joining IMG, attending its finance and product training, and doing his/her own financial needs analysis. 

We encourage the latter as we believe in empowerment and minimizing agent-client relationship, removing the middleman. 
Open a Kaiser Long-term Healthcare account with IMG
Open a Kaiser Long-term Healthcare account with IMG
2. Fill-up Application Form 

2.1. Paper Application

An application form must be filled up. Details should be accurate as these will be verified with legal documents upon claims. A self-disclosure questionnaire is also provided. 

If a person has existing health concerns, he/she must declare it. However, for Kaiser to approve its application, medical records may be required else coverage may not be approved or may be approved with limitation such as “No Insurance Benefit” (NIB). 

Submit to your IMG financial trainer with a photocopy of a valid I.D.
Kaiser International Long-term Healthcare Application Form
Kaiser International Long-term Healthcare Application Form. 
(Version Nov.2011. A recent version may be available)
2.2. Online Application
If online transaction is preferred, then one must request online proposal from his/her IMG financial trainer. If one does not have an IMG trainer, one may request from the below link:

Please fill-up form with accurate details. A link will be sent to your email requesting to complete the application form. Details and questionnaire the same as the paper application is applied. 

3. Payment Options
One may choose from the following payment options:

3.1. Cash – cash is king. However, we encourage minimizing cash transactions to avoid untoward incidents involving of non-remittance of cash and the like. 

3.2. Check – A check addressed to “International Marketing Group” or “Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc.” can be used. 

3.3. Bank Deposit – one may deposit the amount to IMG Bank Accounts or directly to Kaiser International’s Bank Accounts. 

3.4. Online Transactions – include most of the above transactions but must be done online and may require a person to upload his/her deposit slip. See below image:
Kaiser Payment Options
Kaiser Payment Options
Kaiser Online Policy Management System
Kaiser Online Policy Management System
After 3 to 4 weeks of processing for paper application or 1 to 2 weeks for online application, the client will receive in his email address the link to his online policy. 

The online policy will allow the plan holder to view and have access to his/her policy anytime and anywhere. 

One may also download and print his contract, schedule of benefits, and his benefit card. This will minimize lost policies which is common on hard-copy policies. 

Payment can also be done online, and a payment reminder is also available. One can also access his/her history of payments. 

Other quick links are also provided. 
Kaiser Online Policy Management System Useful Links
Kaiser Online Policy Management System: Useful Links
A benefit card can be downloaded and printed and will serve as the health card. Show this benefit card during admission and one will be permitted to enter without deposit in the hospital. A list of accredited hospitals (major hospitals only) are shown in this link: 

Kaiser Benefit Card
Kaiser Benefit Card 
Once a client is fully paid, he will receive a VISA Card from Kaiser where hospital transactions can therefore be cashless giving clients, peace of mind. 
Kaiser VISA Card
Kaiser VISA Card
Avail this great healthcare product by contacting your friendly IMG financial trainer. Don't have a friend in IMG? Contact us with our email: or message us in our social media accounts.

Open your Kaiser long-term healthcare account now! 

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