Lapsed Kaiser Long-term Healthcare Policy? Here's what to know and do

Have you experience missing your Kaiser Long-term Healthcare dues? 

Here are the things we need to know and do: 
Lapsed Kaiser Policy? Here's what to know and do
Lapsed Kaiser Policy? Here's what to know and do 
According to Kaiser policy Article VIII: Contract Price and Grace Period:

If payment is not made on or before the due date, this Contract shall lapse. However, the Member shall be given a grace period of one (1) month from due date to pay the due installment. Benefits may be provided to the Member during the grace period only after the due installment is paid.

If payment is not made before the end of the grace period, this Contract shall, without need of notice to the Member, be terminated and shall no longer be of any force or effect. The Member shall lose all rights and privileges except the right to reinstate, subject to the requirements for a new applicant for Membership in effect at that time.

The Member shall be given a period of two (2) years from the first unpaid due date to reinstate this Contract. If reinstatement is not made within that time, KIH shall unilaterally cancel this Contract without need of notice to the Member. All payments previously made by the Member shall also be forfeited in favor of KIH as liquidated damages.
Kaiser Policy Article VIII: Contract Price and Grace Period
Kaiser Policy Article VIII: Contract Price and Grace Period
Here's a TL;DR (too long; didn't read) version:

1. If you miss your payment on or before due date - you have 1 month grace period.

2. During grace period, you may no longer be covered unless payment is made.

3. If payment is not made after the grace period, the policy is considered lapsed and no benefits can be availed anymore. 

4. You are given 2 years to reinstate (re-activate) a lapsed policy. 

5. If after the 2 years, the account is not re-activated, the contract will be terminated and all contribution (payments made by the policy holder) will be forfeited in favor of Kaiser as liquidated damages. 

So it is very important to keep your Kaiser policy active. But in case, you'll really miss your due date and you want to re-activate your account, here's what to do:

1. Updating: all missed payments must be complied + surcharge + 300 processing fee
2. Redating: payment of one installment + 300 processing fee but the maturity date of the policy will be moved forward to the number of days/months equal to the number of missed payments/contribution. 

Just fill up the below form then together with your payment or proof of payment (e.g. deposit slip), submit to your IMG trainer, IMG office or Kaiser office. You can also email to, CC: and your IMG trainer. 
Kaiser Reinstatement Form
Kaiser Reinstatement Form (version 2010: A recent version may be available)

If you made a payment whether as sub-pay (subsequent payment), reinstatement or upgrading of you Kaiser account, there will be times when the payment is not yet reflected in our online policy management account or sometimes, we just want to know the status of our account

Here's how to follow-up the status of your Kaiser payment:

1. If payment was made via Kaiser, then email to If payment was made via IMG, then email to Always CC your IMG trainer, SMD or even CEO. 

2. Always provide complete details when doing email, including policy number, transaction details like bank account, amount and date. Always be specific to avoid delays. 

Here's a sample email:

CC: client's email, IMG trainer's email 
Subject: online payment of Kaiser Subpay


Hello IMG:

I would like to follow-up up on the status of the payment of my client:

Policy Number: 80880-10000-xxxxx-00
Plan K50 - Ult. Quarterly
Subpay: No.2. 

Payment reference: XXXXXX
Bank: PHP - UnionBank
Billed Amount: 8529.00

Please see attached proof of payment for your reference.



Things to take note when doing follow-up's: 

1. It should be as detailed as possible. Emails that provide incomplete details might and will delay processing.

2. Also include a proof of payment for verification. (Thus, always, always keep your proof of payments like deposit slips or online transactions)

3. Also ask the support of your IMG trainer for follow-up (else the ACTIVE IMG trainer of the trainer)

4. Sometimes, there are delays on the posting in your Kaiser online policy (and because of that, the status gets lapse due to the delays), keep calm as long as you know you are paying on time. Just email or follow-up your account status. 

5. If you no reply has been made withing 24 - 48 hours, follow-up again. Ask your trainer to help follow-up.

6. As much as possible, don't fight Kaiser or IMG support. They are still human beings. Imagine everyday, thousands of IMG members close Kaiser accounts all over the world. 


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