Wealth Bootcamp: from Zero to Hero

We just concluded an awesome event last weekend, Nov. 6, 2016 at Harold's Hotel in Cebu:

Wealth Bootcamp: from Zero to Hero

as organized by ProsperPinoy + the admins of Life at IMG, in partnership with CERTA, Inc. - Family Estate Planning and Investment Advisory. 

While it was the people's champ - Manny Pacquiao's fight with Jessie Vargas, around 100 attendees still dedicated themselves in learning more about business and personal finance. 

It was a comprehensive program which covered 3 areas which are believed to be an essential factor to thrive and maximize the financial potential and opportunities in the 21st century.

1. Business & Entrepreneurship (Modern and Online Business, Art of Selling)
2. Stock Market & Mutual Funds (Types of Investments that will work for you)
3. Financial Education (Increase Cash Flow, Debt Management, Understanding Insurance, Retirement Planning)

Here's a peek at the topics that were discussed in the event: 

1. Investing in yourself
Wealth Bootcamp: Investing in yourself
Investing in yourself
The event started with Serge Bargayo, RFP, CSS of CERTA. The topic revolved around investing in yourself which is key to increasing your value. 

While people may acquire a lot of different investments and assets. The best asset that appreciates over time is yourself. It was the perfect start of the event as it is very important to remind people why we invest in attending seminars and lectures. 

2. Online and modern business
Online entrepreneurship
Online entrepreneurship 
The second topic was about online entrepreneurship - turning any business into digital by yours truly, Tiyo Pilo of Life at IMG

I discussed that we are now in the information age and that people are hungry to learn solutions online. Because of that, businesses are turning digital and maximizing the potential of the internet. 

Any business, as long as you can convert it into an information product, you can make money online. 

Learn more about online entrepreneurship here:

3. Art of Selling
Art of Selling
Art of Selling
In any business, whether we like it or not, we need to sell. Without selling skills our business is dead. But selling not in the way of pushing people just to make money, but learning the art of selling so that our products can truly help people. 

This topic was discussed by Kenneth Corvera, an artist and a personal finance advocate. He started the topic with a song that blew the mind of his audience (sell) and further created an impact (sold) with his amazing lessons on the art of selling.

4. Stock Market Investing
Stock Market Investing through the Truly Rich Club
Stock Market Investing through the Truly Rich Club
The fourth topic was about stock market investing made easy through the Truly Rich Club. This was discussed by Mark Daryll Dy, an investor and a personal finance trainer/speaker. 

He shared how investing in the stock market is easy, given the proper guidance and a coach. For him, his coach is Bro Bo Sanchez. He shared how Bro Bo has helped a lot of people, including his maid (you read that right, MAID) become a millionaire through investing in the stock market. 

Imagine, a millionaire maid? Now that is something! 

5. Financial Products and Services
design your own financial product
Design your own financial product
While the day is ending, people are still focus on the event. With Lorenzo Leonardo's talk on different financial products and services, he shared some powerful concepts on how you can design your own financial product. 

As an engineer by profession, he shared that we can create our own design of a financial product. While people may be sick and tired talking to a lot of agents (who are just after the sale), why not become your own money manager and learn how to combine life insurance, healthcare and investments to fit your financial needs. 

6. Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Personal Finance
And finally, saving the best for last - the only rose among the thorns - the last topic was about personal finance by Ms. Juliet Porio, CPA. 

All the lessons shared so far about making money, building a business, learning to sell, understanding investments all boils to your own financial goals and dreams. 

The reason we work hard is for us to achieve our dreams. That is why it is very important that we need to know how to handle our finances properly. And Ms. Juliet just nailed it and made almost everybody teary-eyed. 
How will the future YOU thank you?
Do something today, take charge, be the master of your money (not the other way around). And when the time comes, you look back and say to yourself, "I'm glad with the decisions I have made in the past." 


If you are in Cebu, be update and catch our Wealth Bootcamp 2.0. 

Sneak peek: Do you want to learn how the owner of Thirsty (Lantaw, Mooncafe, etc.) started from Zero to Hero?

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