How to find, discern and discover the perfect career for you

There's no one-size-fits-all, perfect career for everyone. Every individual is and will be attracted to a specific career.

The only challenge is that a lot of people are overworked and underpaid. Thus, they may love the job but hate the pay.

Others may love the pay, but they hate their jobs.

Worst, people hate the job, and totally hate the pay too! (what a disaster) 

It's quite challenging to find that perfect "love the job and love the pay."

So here are some meat to chew on, to hopefully help you find, discover or discern that perfect career for you.
How to find, discern or discover the perfect career for you
How to find, discern or discover the perfect career for you
Incident #1:

My mother is involved in sales and has a huge sales organization in the cosmetics industry.

Back in high school when I was helping her out in what little way I can, I also help sell cosmetics (imagine a guy selling perfumes and underwires, what an experience!) 

Then, I got a not-so-good experience:

I followed-up my high school teacher a week before her due date and she told me, "Kasayo sad nimo maningil ui. Di ka kahibalo mamaligya da." (you ask for the payment too early. You don't know how to sell.)

After that, I told myself, I'll never be a salesman!

RESULT: I became a financial trainer selling financial products and services

Incident # 2:

When I was in college, I took BS-Chemical Engineering.

I never like repetitive tasks. So I told myself, "When I work, I don't want to be in the Quality Assurance Department." 

No offense but, being in the QA/QC Department, the tasks are almost the same everyday testing and monitoring certain quality standards. 

RESULT: You guessed it right, I landed a job as a Quality Assurance Supervisor after taking the board exam.

Incident # 3:

When the telephone was still very new, my brothers and sister have what we call before as, "call-mates." They spend hours on the telephone doing "telebabad" (long talks over the phone) 

I was the only one who doesn't have a call-mate. (If I remembered it right. Hehe) 

So I never really was comfortable talking to people over the phone. I feel like we are talking so close (ear-to-ear)! Wew, what a terrible thing to imagine. 

So when I became a full-time financial trainer after quitting my job as a quality assurance supervisor, I hated contacting prospects over the phone! 

RESULT: I have no choice but to contact prospects over the phone. 

Now connecting all the dots, I realized that I was too focused on the things that I never wanted. 

And I don't know if you believe the law of attraction or not, but truly - "What you focus on expands." 

And during these times of quarter life crisis (which I believe everyone undergoes) I made a decision to focus on a career that I wanted. 

As IMG coach, Xuan Nguyen said: 
"Find something to believe in and put your life to fight for it!" 
So I made a blueprint (outline) of all the possible careers out there:

How to find the perfect career for you

There are four career paths to choose from:

1. Employment

Being an employee, you can climb the corporate ladder. Starting from rank and file, or entree level then to supervisor, then to a manager, then hopefully to be a vice president. (sorry no chance of becoming the owner of the company unless you are one of the owner's children.) 

Unfortunately, when I got my first job, I landed directly to supervisor level and after that, my head was already the COO (Child Of the Owner of the company)

So there was no corporate ladder to climb. 

Thus, I never was attracted with climbing the corporate ladder. 

- Consistent (predictable) source of income
- Benefits like sick leave, vacation and other leaves 
- Corporate HMO benefit and other insurances 
- 13th Month pay and/or Christmas bonuses

- No such thing as a secured job (anytime one can lose a job) 
- Ceiling on the income (trade time with money)
- The more your income increases, the more you become a liability to the company (you are getting more and more expensive) 
- Once you reached manager or executive position, you may no longer own your time as your boss or the owner can call you anytime. (on-call duty)  

2. Self-Employment

Having a career as a self-employed professional means working only for your self. This career involves specialization in a certain field and being an expert in that field. 

We all know that to be paid the best, we need to be the best. Thus, the self-employment path requires heavy investment in yourself. (and most often than not, it is not cheap financially) 

This includes doctors, lawyers, actors, athletes, sales agents and even online freelancers whose rates are directly proportional to their expertise. 

- The more specialization you have, the higher the professional fee, rate or commission (whichever is applicable)
- Stronger personal branding - more people will get to know you and respect you
- You own your time
- Effort is directly proportional to income

- No client, no patient, no gig, no income
- It's difficult to delegate tasks that only you know how. (difficult to turn active income to passive income)
Expensive (heavy investment in yourself through attending seminars, conferences or taking higher level of education)

3. Business

While business is a very broad topic, I believe that Robert Kiyosaki defined business well as having a system that works for you with or without you actively working. 

If no system is in place, you don't have a business, you own a JOB. (Example: a restaurant where you are the waiter, the cook, the grocery man and the dishwasher! You might as well get a job)

As people are getting more and more creative, business models also evolved through the years. 

There are what we call traditional businesses and modern businesses

Traditional businesses involve setting up your own "store" - where you can sell your own products and services while modern businesses can be in the form of leveraging existing business through franchising and network marketing. 

Through advancement of technology, modern businesses can even be in the form of online marketing and creating and designing web or mobile applications. 

- No limit on the income (given there is a system that is duplicatable for expansion
Can be converted into a passive source of income
- You can turn your passion into profit
- You are your own boss 

Usually may take a lot of capital in terms of money, time or effort
- Most people can not wait for the results thus, most businesses fail in the first few years upon start-up 
- High risks (but potentially high returns) thus not all want to venture into business 

4. Investments

Generally, there are two types of investments - solid and liquid investments

This is ultimately the career everyone wants to have: to be a full time investor. Once we achieve this status, one can be living on interest (LOI) or living on rental income (LRI).

- Full financial freedom - do what you want, when you want. 

Takes time, effort, consistency and patience to build a sustainable investment portfolio
- Investments have risks involved, not having enough financial education can take down all your hard-earned money

How to discern the perfect career for you

Now going back to my story above: I asked myself: 
"What do I (or you) really really want?"
So, I listed all the things I don't like doing and on the other side, I listed the things I wanted: 

Table: How to discern the perfect career - don't likes versus likes

So instead of focusing on the things I don't like, I focused on the things I wanted to do.  

Here's how to do it:

1. List down all the things that you don't like. Most of the times, we are negative in nature. We love to complain, thus it is easy for us to determine what we don't like. 

Example for my case, I don't like repetitive work and having a boss. 

2. Write the positive counter-part of what you don't like. What do you like instead? 

Again, for my case, I don't like repetitive work thus I like to keep on learning and growing. I don't like to have a boss, thus I want to own my time.  

3. Continue listing what other things you really love to do. 

For me, I am currently a financial trainer and I love learning and sharing about financial education, investments and business. 

Also, I love learning about online marketing and making money online.

4. It is very important to write it down. We want to make the invisible, visible. 

5. Lastly, focus on the things you like. Throw away the part that you don't like and focus your energy and attention to the things you like and love to do.  

How to discover the perfect career for you

Now looking at the options above (the four career paths) - connecting them with the things I wanted to do I was able to one-by-one eliminate the career options I don't want and focus on the career options I wanted. 
Finding the perfect career path
Finding the perfect career path
Since I don't want to be paid based on time and don't want to have a boss, employment is an "X" mark. 

Since, being an investor can be done on the side, I choose to invest in portfolio or paper assets as it does not interfere much with my current career. (Maybe soon on real assets - there are still much things to learn about real estate investing)

As a financial trainer, I am self-employed that is why I am constantly learning and blogging about personal finance. (Honing my expertise)

For business, I believe i am an entrepreneur by heart (we all are) but since I want to be a cautious entrepreneur, I want to venture into modern-day businesses. More specifically, online business. 

Thus, combining financial trainer + online business = BOOM! The perfect career for me! 

Now, how about you? Are you happy with your current career right now? 
Remember: we all have a choice. As long as we know our options. 
In summary, to find, discern and discover the perfect career for us: 

1. Understand the four career paths. List the advantages and disadvantages.
2. Write down the things you don't like, then write the counter-part - what do you like instead.
3. Connect what you want with the perfect career that fits your hearts desire. 

What is your biggest take-away? Leave your comments below and share so we can also help people find that "perfect" career for them. 

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