How to compute your MOST annual premium

Lately we have been receiving emails requesting a proposal or quotation with IMG's partner company, Philam Life with its product - Multiple Option Super Term (MOST)

As much as we want to send you a proposal, as part of our advocacy in sharing financial education, we want people (especially IMG members) to become their own money manager. 
Looking for a quotation or proposal? Learn how to compute your MOST annual premium
Looking for a quotation or proposal? Learn how to compute your MOST annual premium
Instead of depending on an agent or your IMG trainer, why not learn how to do-it-yourself (DIY).

So today, let me share to you how to compute your Multiple Option Super Term annual premium.

Watch the 5-minute video to learn how to compute your MOST annual premium: 

Alright! That's it! 

In summary: 


1. Must be an IMG member
2. Must be a Kaiser Long-term Healthcare Policy Holder

Download IMG product guide:

1. Log-in to your IMG website -
2. Go to resources
3. Then go to partner's kit
4. Download IMG product guide

Compute your MOST annual premium:

Read section on Philam Life's Multiple Option Super Term. 

1. Determine the rate per thousand based on your desired benefits and current age.
2. Select your desired amount of coverage
3. Divide the amount of coverage by 1,000
4. Multiply #3 by the rate in #1
5. Add total annual premiums. Add P300 policy fee
6. Total amount payable

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