Life at IMG moves Forward in Kerygma Conference 2016

Kerygma Conference is one of the biggest inspirational and learning event in our country today, where thousands of people from all walks of life gather not only to hear God's powerful message from inspiring speakers but also to learn from different industry experts.

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers preaching at MOA Arena
Last November 17-20, Kerygma Conference celebrated it's 10th year anniversary in SMX Convention Center and MOA Arena. International Marketing Group (IMG) is one of the conference partner for this year's event, together with our partner company Kaiser International Health Group.

It was my first time to join Kerygma Conference in Manila together with my co-servants at the Feast Cebu. The four-day event was absolutely amazing and truly a life changing experience to over 15,000 attendees nationwide. KCon is not just any ordinary inspirational talk about growing spiritually, it also inspires people to grow in almost all areas of life through the different classes.

For three (3) days, there is a morning and afternoon plenary talk and three (3) classes, we have the option to choose from the following: 

1. Business and Career
2. Church System and Ministry
3. Family and Relationships
4. Leadership and Education
5. Wellness and Health


Morning Plenary Session - Bro. Jon Escoto

To be able to move forward, you have to change your belief. Instead of saying my business is not earning --- you say "My business is not earning YET!" Adding "YET" declares a truth that what you are going through is only a transportation of where you are destined to.

"Losers focus on what they are going through, winners focus on where they are going to"
"There is another season coming --- in moments of sorrow, think forward"

Class 1 - Inside Out: How Inner Healing bears Fruit in our Lives by Ilsa Reyes

Inner healing is oftentimes more difficult than physical healing. We often use "medicine" to suppress the symptoms but we don't go to the root cause. Escaping from the hurt is difficult, healing is a process.

"Don't be afraid to go through the process as you let our loving God lead the way."
"Inner healing sets you free! It enables you to see clearly, discern God's will for your life, and respond not out of fear, but out of love."
"It is LOVE that heals."
"You cannot heal what you cannot feel."
"Be Patient. God is not done with you yet."
"Be healed and be God's channel of healing."

Class 2 - Family Communication by Herald Cruz

Communication is the key to a loving relationship especially to families. We need to intentionally connect, invest time, and love unconditionally.

"It takes two to create a problem, it takes two to solve"
"Communication is 7% word, 93% body language." 

Class 3 - The Secret on How to let Money work for you by Joen De Las Penas & Noel Arandilla 

Our very own IMG CEO president, Joen delas Penas together with Noel Arandilla discussed about how to be your own money manager through promoting Financial Education. They discussed tidbits from the Financial Education Workshop with the following topics:

Workshop 1: Increase Cash Flow and Debt Management
Workshop 2: Building a Strong Financial Foundation and Proper Protection
Workshop 3: Building Wealth and Asset Accumulation
Workshop 4: Retirement Planning and Wealth Preservation
Workshop 5: Building a Business in The Financial Industry

"Is money controlling you? or do you control your money?"
"If you don't make money work for you, you will be working for money"

Afternoon Plenary Session - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

"The reason why they cannot move forward is that they did not find joy."
"True joy is God's life in us"
"Truth sets you free to be the person you are created to be."


Together with my LLR batchmates, we are ready to move forward!
Morning Plenary Session: Bo Sanchez

Bro. Bo interviewed some of the youth and youth leaders of the LOJ Family, some had dark and painful past but have found light in Jesus through people who believed in them, and how they become wounded-healers as well.

"You are worthy! You are enough!"
"Some of the nicest people in the world are those who suffered the most"

Class 1 - Best Foot Forward in Business by Dean Pax Lapid

Dean Pax Lapid shared how to move forward to sustainable business marathon through

P-assion will ignite your talent
I-nitiative will activate it
T-eachability will expand it
C-ourage will test it
H-ardwark will sustain it

"You work the business for yourself and your family, but not by yourself"

"The measure of life is not living longer but living fuller."

Class 2 - Raising Faith, Friends and Funds by Pinky Medina

Fund raising is not just about the money it's also friend raising. It involves relationship building, communicating and prospecting, and organizational management and development.

Class 3 - What Every Single needs to Move Forward by Pastor Dennis Sy

Taas kamay sa mga singles? When you are in God, your concern is not changing your status but finding your purpose. If you're single right now prepare for life not for marriage, build your character - spiritual, financial, emotional and leadership.

"How you react to the pain will build the character in you."
"You are complete in Christ."

Afternoon Plenary Session - Daddy O

"Life is a struggle and struggle is life! Yet you must move forward!"

“I realized that life is not a stairway. Life is an ECG, electrocardiogram. Minsan you will get to the peak, ‘Wow, I have made it!’ Only to go down, boom! Then you struggle, you give it a good fight. Then you go to the peak, ‘Hallelujah!’ Then you go down, boom! And then you struggle again, then you go up and then you go down, boom! Because that’s life. That’s ECG. And along the way you learn, along the way you become strong,” said Daddy Obet

Day 3
The Crowd inside SMX 
Morning Plenary Session - Bro. Bo Feast Video

God's message is "YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Your union with God has to give birth to something, be pregnant with a mission. "Following Jesus is not just about going to heaven, it's about bringing heaven to people who are going through hell here on earth."

The feast video is an instrument where we can share God's word to other people. Bro. Bo introduced people who facilitates the feast video including a kasambahay and

Class 1 - How to parent a child to be Outstanding continuously through NLP by Jojo Apolo

Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) is coding the X Factor of human excellence. He introduced an powerful NLP technique which is the Circle of Excellence which is a way of gathering powerful internal states in our conscious and make them available when we need them. Here are the steps:

1. You need to decide on a state. e.i. performing on stage
2. Imagine a circle in front of you big enough to step into.
3. Take a moment to relax and imagine your best performance or how your favorite artist performs
4. Project those intense feelings into the circle, hear the sounds, dance with the beat, see the color of the stage, feel the heat of the lights
5. Step into the circle and feel the powerful emotion surrounding you and flowing through your body. Enjoy it fully and completely.

Class 2 - World-class Leadership by Rex Mendoza

One of our IMG financial mentor, Mr. Rex Mendoza, shared concept about leadership. There are 3 I's of Leadership.

1. Impact - making a difference in other people's lives
2. Influence - "If you are influential, people will follow you without instruction."
3. Inspiration - "When people see you do what you do, they will follow"

"A leader is someone who fights for you..."
"Leadership happens in a smaller team, it's not about the size, it's how well they (team) performs."
"You can pay for their time, but not their commitment"

Class 3 - The 4 Personality Types to strengthen Relationships by Jayson Lo

Building Relationships in 3 Aspects

1. Yourself - If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. "The difference between successful people vs. unsuccessful people is how they react to failure."

2. Relationship with God - Our life is into worship of the Lord, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"

3. Relationship with Others - know the different types of personality to interact with others.
          D-ominant - the doer
          I-nfluential - the talker
          S-teady - the watcher
          C-orrective - the thinker

Afternoon Plenary Session - Julius & Tintin Babao

TV personalities Julius and Tintin Babao shared their God-centered family life, how they were able to brought up their kids with Christian values. Despite being in the spotlight, they are kind and humble people who are  willing to extend their hands to those who are in need.

Free book by Bo Sanchez #HappyKids
Excuse our Happy Big Faces 

Early birds get the better seats
The Grand Feast schedule was at 2PM but we were there by 11AM to be able to choose the best seat. It started with a mass followed by introductory talk by Kerygma 5, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, then the most awaited speaker Bro. Bo Sanchez.

"To move forward has nothing to do with speed."
"Always remember what is important is what our hearts can keep, not what our hands can hold"

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Deacon shared his life story, how he was hurt deeply by his father and how by the grace of God, they were able to reconcile. 

"Acknowledge the feeling of hurt and pain...then face your fear."
"You cannot fight the Goliath in your life with the weapons of man, but with the weapons of God."
"God fights with us and for us. You are not alone." 

LLR Cebu Batch 2 at Grand Feast

You may feel like walking back and forth, back and forth. You encounter the same trial, same problem but "YOU ARE DIFFERENT NOW!" You are more wiser, stronger, better.

What a sight to see thousands of people raising up there hands to praise God, to worship Him. I'm looking forward for Kerygma Conference 2017. Hope to see you there too!

 ♩ ♪ ♫
 "I'm forgetting the past
 moving ahead
There's no looking back
no looking back 
Your grace is enough
I'm moving ahead
Your grace is enough!"
 ♩ ♪ ♫

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