IMG offers Filipinos an Opportunity to Travel the United States of America

A lot of Filipinos dreamt of going to the United States of America, the land of opportunity, to go look for greener pasture: get a high-paying job, to earn dollars, and be able to provide the best for their families. 

Some succeeded and decided to live the American dream while a lot of Filipinos struggle having 2 to 3 jobs to balance sending money to their family and cope up with their expenses. 

They may earn dollars, but they also spend in dollars.

However, here in IMG, the more you work hard, the more the company will reward you. 100% chance of going to the U.S. for free and more incentives are given to qualified IMG members. 

Here’s how IMG rewards those who work hard and deserve to be rewarded. 
IMG-WSB Free Trip to USA with Free Mexico Cruise
IMG-WSB Free Trip to USA with Free Mexico Cruise (source: IMG Official Poster)
1. Go to U.S. for free with a 10-year multiple entry

Since IMG is an affiliated organization of World System Builder (WSB) group of World Financial Group (WFG) in the U.S., WSB and IMG backs up all qualified members in acquiring their U.S. Visa. 

Majority of those who got their Visa were granted a 10-year-multiple entry with few to almost no questions asked. 

Qualified individuals are given subsidy for all the expenses including fare, making the travel to U.S for free.

World System Builder is the largest organization in World Financial Group with Xuan Nguyen as WFG Executive Chairman and WSB/IMG Head Coach.
Free USA Trip and Mexico Cruise
IMG Executives enjoying USA, the mexico cruise and attending WFG/WSB Convention with around 50,000 attendees! (Photo Source: FB Grab from IMG CEO's) 
2. Attend the World Financial Group and/or World System Builder Conventions

The beauty with travels in IMG is that you don’t travel for work or go look for a job, but for business and pleasure. 

On top of the free travel (pleasure), you get to attend WFG and WSB conventions with around stunningly 50,000 attendees (and still growing) up to date.

WFG by the way is one of the biggest and fastest growing financial distribution companies in the U.S. and Canada. 

Not only that you enjoy, you also get to learn more on the financial business side of IMG with first-hand experience from U.S.

Attending Convention stretches one’s mindset and vision, seeing how far our financial knowledge is compared with our foreign counterpart. 

One will see that the current financial industry in the Philippines are still selling financial products that are almost out-dated in the U.S. and still a lot of Filipinos buy these products. 

Once a person attends these conventions, going back to the Philippines, they become crusaders of finance knowing there are still a lot of things to be done.  

3. Other incentives like free Mexico Cruise

Ever dreamt of going to a Cruise yet can’t afford to have one? Well, in IMG it is for free! 

What more is there to say! This is such an amazing company!

The only question right now is how do you become a qualified member of IMG to enjoy and experience all these benefits? 

Simple: Be a crusader of finance. Be a World System Builder Green Jacket Qualifier: the prestige of a master builder and the proof that you are able to help a lot of Filipinos change their financial lives.
Be a Master Builder, a Crusader of Finance!
Be a Master Builder, a Crusader of Finance!
Be part of our crusade! 

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