Top Mutual Funds in the Philippines for 2016

Last year was a hell of a ride in our Philippine market. Now let's look at the top performing mutual funds in the Philippines for the year 2016.

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Now we understand about mutual funds, let's look at the performance for 2016 in the Philippine market. 
Is it a bull or bear performance with Philippine mutual funds for 2016?
Is it a bull or bear performance with Philippine mutual funds? 
The performance for 2016 will be based on the YTD or year-to-date performance. Meaning the performance will be based on the percent growth for investments in January 1, 2016 up to Dec. 29, 2016 (last trading day of the year).

Equity or stock funds
Top performing equity or stock funds in the Philippines 2016
Top performing equity or stock funds in the Philippines 2016 (source:

Based on the YTD, here are the top 5 performing mutual funds for equity or stock funds:

1. ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund, Inc: (+) 11.71%
2. ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc.: (+) 4.86%
3. Philequity Dividend Yield Fund, Inc.: (-) 1.05%
4. United Fund, Inc.: (-) 1.2%
5. Philequity Fund, Inc.: (-) 1.39%

As we can see, last year was not a very attractive year for our equity funds. Negative returns mean that our investment loses it's market value. But unless we withdraw, it is just paper loss. 

ATRAM, however, performed exemplary compared with all other funds. It just shows that nothing is really predictable in the market. 

Important Disclaimer: past performance is not indicative of future results. In any investment there will always be risks involved. This article is for informational purposes only. Due diligence is still advised before going into any investments. 

Balanced funds
Top performing balanced funds in the Philippines 2016
Top performing balanced funds in the Philippines 2016 (source:
For balanced funds based on YTD: 

1. ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund, Inc.: (+) 3.39%
2. Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund, Inc.: (+) 0.12% 
3. Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund, Inc.: (-) 0.06%
4. NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils., Inc.: (-) 0.46%
5. Philam Fund, Inc.: (-) 1.5% 

The scenario is almost the same for balanced funds. Again, ATRAM performed well. 

Sun Life Dollar Fund also performed positive. If we also have other currencies like dollar, it is also good to diversify into these funds. When the peso goes down in value, usually the dollar goes up. When the dollar is down in value, the peso goes up in value.  

Bond funds
Top performing bond funds in the Philippines 2016 (source:
Top performing bond funds in the Philippines 2016 (source:
It always amazes me when the stock or equity funds are going negative, the bond funds (almost all) are going positive. Diversification and financial education really is the key to minimize risks in investing. 

So, for the top 5 performing bond funds for 2016 based on YTD: 

1. Cocolife Fixed Income Fund, Inc.: (+) 5.85%
2. ALFM Dollar Bond Fund, Inc.: (+) 3.21%
3. Philam Dollar Bond Fund, Inc.: (+) 2.12% 
4. ALFM Peso Bond Fund, Inc.: (+) 2.06% 
5. Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund, Inc.: (+) 1.79% 
To see the list of all mutual fund companies in the Philippines just visit Philippine Investment Funds Association:

Remember: when the market goes down, it goes nowhere else but up! This 2017 is the best time to invest.

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