9 gift and date ideas: how to save money on Valentine's day

It's another season when you will find it hard to find a seat in a nice restaurant if you didn't call to reserve and when flowers are at their most expensive prices.

Valentine's Day isn't meant to make you rob the banks just to get your loved one something nice. Technically, it is not just about gifts either. It is a Saint's feast day and modern day has just commercialized it. And because of the joy of tradition, this once-a-year celebration of love calls for something extra special for your loved one. 

So what can I get her without spending too much but not look too cheap? What can I prepare for him that does not require money, but show him my love and sincerity?

Fear not, hopeless romantics! Lo, and behold, we have collated some ideas that might help you survive the day of hearts (and red shirts, teddy bears, chocolates and flowers).

Here are 9 Valentine's day gift and date ideas especially when you are on a budget: 
Valentine's day ideas? Try breakfast in bed.
Valentine's day ideas? Try breakfast in bed.
1. Breakfast in bed
Given that you are living together with your loved one, whip up a little surprise. Research for something to prepare - sunny side up, french toast and some hot choco with mallows. Find something doable for your cooking skill. 

Buy the ingredients beforehand and prepare it while your loved one is still sleeping. You could cut up the bread into hearts, or get heart-shaped chicken nuggets, form the egg into a heart - whatever rocks your boat. Add in a few flowers from the garden outside. Serve it right when you wake her up. 

Valentine's breakfast date is served! 

2. Candlelit dinner date at home
In case you don't live together but you could make him come over to your house, you could always do the dinner. Make chicken or pasta or whatever you can do that is decent enough for the event. 

Got no cooking powers? Pick up the phone for delivery! He wouldn't mind a big mac. 

Light up some scented candles, chill the wine and you are good to go. 

Extra brownie points if you set up the mood with some sweet violin background songs from YouTube!

3. Small meaningful gifts
If you really want to give something other than food, you could always give small gifts with BIG meanings. 

Find something sentimental for both of you, maybe an item from your first date. You could also collate some photos from the past and make a scrapbook. 

You could buy something small and place a card to explain what it symbolizes. 

There is also a message board made with small chocolates or candies to stand for some words (google it now!)

4. DIY Valentine's cake or cupcake
If you could, make a chocolate cake! There are even instant cake mixes in boxes that are so easy to do. Prop up some sugar flowers or sprinkles and you become like a pro. 

Take these instant cakes into a new level by making them into mini cupcakes and spell out "Happy Valentine's day" or something sweet - a letter for every cupcake. 

Who wouldn't want cakes or chocolates or both?

5. Paper flowers
Looking for a Valentine's gift idea for her? Give her not just flowers but something that does not wither (just like your love). Grab some Japanese or colored paper and google "how to make paper flowers"

You'll find lots of them. You could do origami or those simpler ones that you could assemble into a bouquet. 

Want to add a little bit more love? Write love notes in the paper before you fold them into flowers. Spray a little perfume and it's a masterpiece.

6. Greeting card or love letter or post its
I've seen cards that pops a bouquet of flowers when you open it. Card ideas are endless, you just have to be on the creative side. 

Use folders and colored papers, cut out pictures or simply print out a template from the internet. There are even easy printable templates for pop-up or interactive cards. 

You could go old school with the classic love letter in a scented stationary and sealed with a kiss. If you choose the love letter, snail mail it, targeting Feb 14 as the ETA. 

Write love notes in post-its and post it all around the heart or form a big heart on the wall. 

However you choose to do it, the ultimate technique is to pour your heart into it, with the goal of making the reader wet you creation with tears of joy.

7. Song or Poem
If you can, by all means, compose and deliver it with much love. Ask someone to take a photo while you do it or print it out for memorabilia. Autograph it.

8. Watch a Rom Com (romantic-comedy) series
Movie houses will be stuffed. So buy popcorn, pizza and drinks ahead of time and ready the whole season. Put out the pillows and let the whole day marathon begin. 

Our suggestion: How I Met Your Mother.

9. Acts of service
Fill the car with gas, give her a no-chore day, give him a great massage. Do more than your usual. Don't simply volunteer to take out the trash and expect her to feel so much loved. 

Instead, make whole house sparkling clean AND take out the trash. Sounds like a plan?

In the end, whatever you choose to do or buy, I sincerely believe that the thought and the effort would count more.

If all else seems impossible, say I love you in the most sincere way possible. Give a loooooong tight hug and kiss. Costs none and priceless. 

Have a great Valentine's day ahead! Hope you find this article helpful. Hit us a comment below for more of your gift and/or date ideas. 

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