How to Upgrade to IMG's New Preferred Membership Online

Good news to IMG members and partners!

Just recently, International Marketing Group has upgraded it's membership into IMG preferred membership with added benefits! On top of the top 10 membership benefits, here are some added perks and privileges exclusive for IMG members. 
The New IMG Preferred Membership
The New IMG Preferred Membership
Below is an email sent from IMG's newsletter:

To our dear IMG members and partners:

Since the launch of our new IMG Preferred Membership, many of our members who have availed of this membership have been enjoying a new world of exclusive perks, exclusive discounts and exclusive benefits.

In connection with this, we would like to inform you that, starting Wednesday, March 1, 2017 (12:00AM, Manila Time), all new IMG membership applications will already be Preferred. As such, the new membership fee of P4,500.00 will already take effect for Philippine code and for International membership,the new rates that will apply to your respective country will soon be available in our ejoin site. Likewise, the new fee of P1,500.00 will apply to all Accreditation Renewals (all codes) and P700.00 for all Membership Upgrade (all codes).

Besides our Top 10 benefits, our IMG Preferred Membership initially offers these additional privileges in partnership with the following providers: 

1. Fidelity Mutual Life

Fidelity Life is a mutual benefit association exclusively created for the IMG Preferred Members. It provides IMG Preferred members P50,000.00 life insurance with free memorial concierge service through Everest. As an additional benefit, the IMG management has successfully negotiated the waiver of membership fee that is usually required from all Mutual Benefit Association members, for all new IMG Preferred Members until further advise...

2. Everest Memorial Services 

Everest Memorial is a 24/7 FREE concierge service for IMG Preferred Members and their immediate families. Our trained Family Assistance Officers will help members in organizing personalized funeral plans when they need it. During the very difficult time, our preferred members and or their family members need not look for the best-priced suppliers; nor coordinate set-up and deliveries of funeral services. Members will just focus on giving the perfect send-off to their loved one and Everest will do the rest.  Everest is prepared to provide the convenience and peace of mind when you need it most... 

3. Ozone International 

Ozone Therapy has been popular with people from all age categories: from the younger generation who uses ozone therapy as a disease-preventing measure, to senior citizens who want to maintain an active lifestyle, and even to patients who use Ozone Therapy to complement their prescribed medical treatment. This medical breakthrough is now available to all IMG Preferred Members at a special discounted rate of P5,000/session (P1,000 discount) or P50,000/program (P10,000 discount).

Please check your emails to read full email newsletter from IMG. 

Now, with these added perks and benefits of being an IMG member, if you aren't yet a member, click here and be a member now

However, if you are a member already and you want to upgrade to IMG preferred so you can avail of these added benefits, here's how to do it online: 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click Upgrade to Preferred 
IMG Kiosk 2
IMG Kiosk 2
Step 3: Input your IMG code. Choose the coverage year and click Next.

Note: If you haven't done an accreditation renewal, your name will not appear even if you input your IMG code. Please communicate with your trainer to assist you for your IMG accreditation renewal. 
Upgrade to IMG preferred membership online
Upgrade to IMG preferred membership online
Step 4: Choose your most convenient payment option (for this example let's use Paypal)
IMG kiosk 2 payment options
IMG kiosk 2 payment options
Step 5: Input required information.
Input required information for your IMG payment
Input required information for your IMG payment 
Step 6: Pay online through credit card or Paypal or upload your proof of payment (like deposit slip)
IMG Online Payment Successful
IMG Online Payment Successful
Step 7: Payment Successful. Wait for official payment approval from IMG and enjoy your new benefits as an IMG preferred member! 

Important Note: As stated in the email, starting March 1, 2017, all membership will be preferred to avoid confusion. However, if you are an old IMG member, you are required to upgrade to preferred to enjoy these added perks and benefits.

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