IMG Convention: Global Campaign for Financial Literacy

Last February 5, 2017, IMG once again went to the Lion City - Singapore - for its first convention for the year 2017. Members from various parts of the world and their invited guests came to take part in the event held at the huge Max Pavilion of Singapore Expo.
IMG SG Convention 2017 - Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo
IMG SG Convention 2017 - Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo
Everyone wore their white campaign shirts for the first time to unite for IMG's Global Campaign for Financial Literacy. With its theme, Convention of Campaigners, it was a different convention because there were no WSB trainers from US and Canada and no economic and financial updates from our investment mentors. 

Instead, the focus was on strengthening the WHYs of those who want to join in the campaign of having 1 million financially educated families by 2020. It was very timely and relevant because as a campaigner, one had to have a strong conviction to campaign in spite of the challenges faced. 
IMG's Global Campaign for Financial Literacy
IMG's Global Campaign for Financial Literacy
Sharers were picked from among the newly promoted SMDs as well as those who have been successful in doing the IMG career for many years. 

They were people from all walks of life, from various professions and social status but  each with a unique story to tell - a seafarer who got sick he got a wake up call on his spending habits, a teacher burdened by medical expenses of family members, ordinary employees buried in debt, corporate executives laid off from work, high school graduates who learned to dream big, savers who sought more guidance to teach their spendthrift relatives - all their past struggles and how their desire to change their lives for the better led them to IMG. 

And how through IMG's platform of financial literacy, financial solutions and the system, they saw hope for a brighter future for their families and want others to experience the same.

Many were inspired, some were brought to tears. And as an IMG member for almost 5 years already, I was also moved because I was reminded of my WHYs of continuing to share about the IMG mission. 

Yes, the journey was never easy. Getting rejected by family members and friends still is painful, doubts sometimes made me question a lot of things. But as what Master Builder Bart Borja said, your strong why will become the fuel that will make you stay in IMG.

However, one could not succeed alone. Even the most accomplished individuals in the world have their teams.  Master Builder Noel Arandilla emphasized that in order to succeed in IMG, we need to build our teams who will work with us in the long-term. 

And according to Master Builder Joen delas PeƱas, that will require from us a big heart to care for people especially our team members, helping them reach whatever goals they have and also achieve ours in the process. Of course, we have to do big, massive action and persist until we get the results that we want. 

The convention was indeed a reminder that more than just being an organization, IMG is a community of people who believe in the beauty of their dreams and in their ability to make them happen, who strive to make a difference by taking charge of their financial situation. 
Be part of a success environment
Be part of a success environment
I felt thankful to be surrounded by people who know that the past does not define the future and no matter who you are, if you follow IMG's proven system plus a heart for the mission, you can change your life.


This article is written by Financial Coach - Juliet Porio. Certified public accountant (CPA) by profession, and also doing IMG as a personal finance advocate.
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Click here to connect with Juliet Porio in Facebook
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