Welcome to International Marketing Group (IMG)!!

IMG is a financial brokerage company being in the business of promoting financial education in a massive scale for Filipinos globally. Being a member of IMG, one can experience a life of FINANCE, BUSINESS and INVESTMENTS.

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What is Life at IMG?

The purpose of this website is to collaborate all IMG members (active or inactive) who have the passion of sharing their valuable experiences and knowledge that they learn from IMG. Topics include but not limited to personal finance; long-term investing and investment solutions for Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad; business and entrepreneurial wisdom; self-development, habit-building and proper positive mind-setting; and even travel tips!

Non-IMG members but finance, investment or business advocate individuals are welcome to share their valuable knowledge as co-authors or contributors.

This website is to showcase a life of FINANCE, BUSINESS and INVESTMENTS and how amazing it is to have experience #LifeatIMG!!!

People behind Life at IMG:

finance, business and investment advocate - Teof
Chemical engineer by profession. Entrepreneur by heart. Financial Educator by application. Exposed to saving and business at an early age. Pursued that passion after 2 years in the corporate world, and doing full-time now as a finance, investment and business advocate.

investment driven - Vincent
IT by profession. Designer and a game developer. Doing IMG part-time, he experience a financial breakthrough in investing because of IMG. He now shares the same belief that each one of us can move forward with our goals as long as one understands the importance of building a solid financial foundation.

entrepreneurship advocate - Leah
Psychology graduate. Worked for 2 years as an Educational therapist to kids with Autism while she did IMG as a part-time career. Now, IMG helped her become a full-time entrepreneur and made a difference in her life especially in her finances. She believed that everyone has the right to become financially secured regardless what background the person comes from.


1. Raizza Gomez - travel and entrepreneurship advocate
2. Chloe Bacalso - business and self-development advocate

Be a Contributor: share your knowledge, experiences and be an inspiration to other people!